Black Lives Matter

By: Capntastic

On: June 9th, 2020



  • Christopher Howard Wolf

    If apples, oranges, and bananas were for sale at the supermarket, and someone was squishing all the oranges, would you shout “ALL FRUIT MATTERS” when someone said “Hey, oranges matter, stop squishing them”?

    Gotta simplify this for some folks…

  • ChillMan

    Examples of this discrimination?

  • ChillMan

    To an extent, I agree.

    The BLM movement is clearly not about race. It is a Communist movement.

    If it was all about the ‘downtrodden’ black community, why are there no examples of this oppression? Why are most people protesting white kids from rich backgrounds? Why are the ‘protests’ (technically ‘riots’) causing so much damage to public and private property (including destroying many business owned by black people). It doesn’t make sense.

    To you guys who like to virtue signal. Open your eyes, you’re being played.

  • Joseph

    Black lives don’t matter to black people. More white people get killed by police. Only 10 unarmed blacks were killed by cops in 2019. 2,600 blacks were murdered, most unsolved. 8 black kids have been killed over the past few weekends. Chiraq, Killadelphia, Oregoon, Drillanois, etc. has nothing to do with racism.

  • Christopher Howard Wolf

    You replied to the wrong post or didn’t read it.

  • Darkcloud

    The crocodile will eat you last…or so you hope…

  • Lisek

    BLM is a scam organization, please stop encouraging this bullshit.

  • html5 games

    Each of us is born equal, no one can give anyone this right, so everyone’s life has the same value, no matter whether people of color or white people are not racist. must harshly condemn that thought. Fair to everyone candy crush saga

  • Burning Finger

    Decided to check one of my favorite sites from my teenage years and I find an almost 2 year gap on posts and the comeback is BLM virtue signaling. very sad and embarrassing.

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  • ZIMA

    Fuck BLM

  • Daniel Alzimenda

    The people attacked, whose businesses and houses were burned down by BLM, I don’t think they support the movement.

  • Denis
  • karausche777

    blm is a scam gone too far

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