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Bytejacker: Demakes Edition

By: Derek Yu

On: September 19th, 2008

Bytejacker is a newish game review show that covers downloadable titles. They don’t always only cover indie games, but they do always cover indie games. Episode 8 is solely focused on our Bootleg Demakes Compo. Very well done! Me likes!

TIGSource Compo Madness

By: Derek Yu

On: September 12th, 2008

Don’t forget to try the Rockman 7 demake from awhile back!

Update: a torrent has been added to the competition page (thanks, MedO!), and Alex Austin’s Deity of Hostility has been added as an entry.

Well, the Bootleg Demakes Competition is over. We actually have 68 entries for this one, 8 more than the VGNG compo (and there is at least one more that needs to be added). I’m running out of superlatives for you guys. Can we invent a word that’s better than “awesomesauce?” Like, “pandapoontastical” or something?

Not only that, but chutup’s wonderful Blankpunk Writing Competition has also wrapped up. I’ve assembled all the entries here and there will be a voting thread up soon.

Anyway, you know the drill… read, play, and pick your favorites! And please provide feedback to the hardworking creators, if you can! Congratulations to everyone who made something, from both competitions! Another very successful compo run finished!

(Video Source: Daphaknee [Possibly NSFW?])

TIGCompo: Bootleg Demakes!

By: Derek Yu

On: August 1st, 2008

The Bootleg Demakes Competition

Demakes: remakes of games on older generation hardware. Bootleg: not infringing on anyone’s intellectual property. You have a month.

It’s on like teflon.

Addendum via Lorne: Stop complaining about the rules! Comp ends september, rules are in the definition of those words up there ^. Pretty much, make it lower tech then the original game and don’t directly use copyright material.

Final Fantasy VII NES Pirate Cart

By: Derek Yu

On: February 26th, 2008

Final Fantasy VII NES Pirate Cart

Created by a shady Chinese tech company in the year 20XX, this unlicensed demake of Final Fantasy VII was actually released as a cartridge at some point (when, though?)! A play-by-play copy of the Playstation original in terms of plot, FF7 NES is apparently NOT a hack of another FF game, and is, on a technical level, somewhat of a marvel. Chinese hackers are amazing, aren’t they?

Head over here for a full write-up of the game, including nearly 150 screenshots.

And I’m guessing some of you are probably interested in playing the ROM. Well, follow the “Baidu” link in the article and you’ll get to it eventually, although apparently only “an extremely hacked-up version of VirtuaNESex supports the game through an ugly bank-switching mapper driver.” You have been warned.

Alternatively, you can just watch this YouTube video that shows some (pretty boring) gameplay from the demake.

(Source: Luke Plunkett, via Kotaku)

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Famicom-style Remake

By: Derek Yu

On: January 17th, 2008

Some enterprising chap has recreated Touhou’s Embodiment of Scarlet Devil in a NES/Famicom style. The game actually works quite well this way and I have to admit that I got into it more than its source material. Unfortunately, at the beginning of stage 2 the game glitches out (in a very NES manner) and forces you to either restart or quit.

The game is only at version 0.11, so perhaps the rest of the levels are forthcoming. Either that, or it was only ever meant to be a short demo.

The game is created with Multimedia Fusion 2.

(Source: Insert Credit)


By: Derek Yu

On: November 2nd, 2007


You awaken in a large complex, slightly disoriented. Glowing dots hover mouth level near you in every direction. Off in the distance you hear the faint howling of what you can only imagine must be some sort of ghost or several ghosts.

Someone’s done and turned Pac-Man into a text adventure game.

(Source: The Random Gnome’s Lair!)

Goldeneye 2D

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 25th, 2007

I was a lot better at the original!

Here’s something pretty cool. You know how big game companies are always taking classic games and remaking them to next-gen spec (with sometimes dubious results)? Well… what if, instead, they took a time machine back to the Good Ol’ Days and remade popular game concepts from now? That’s right, folks — I’m talkin’ about demakes!*

Goldeneye 2D is just that. A demake of the N64 classic FPS Goldeneye 64, made like a tie-in game for original Game Boy. Now, the gameplay isn’t quite the gadgets and espionage of the original (it’s more of a run-n-gun now), but that’s part of the fun, I think! Remakes today often aren’t 100% true to their sources, so why should demakes be? I’d really love to see several developers demake the same game to wildly different ends…

This all inspired the current Mockup Frenzy at Pixelation, as well. Check it out!+

Goldeneye 2D:
Direct download
Forum topic
Developer’s site

*Credit goes to Phil Fish for coining this term.
+QuickSilva’s Cave Story entry was a fun surprise!