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Here Comes a Kitten…

By: Derek Yu

On: July 13th, 2007


…to chase away the anger. :’(

TIGSource Upgraded

By: Derek Yu

On: July 8th, 2007


Just in case you’re wondering where all the errors and slowness went. (Hint: to EA Games! Zing!)

Forums Back

By: Derek Yu

On: July 3rd, 2007

Back in Business

The forums are back! The database needed repairing, apparently.

Also, we’ve been getting some errors with Rails on the frontpage (e.g. “undefined nil class blah blah”), and I want to let you know that we’re aware of it. The mighty Jeff will update our blog software as soon as he’s finished conquering the nearby planet of Zenorbium-23. It is inhabited by a warlike race of sentient insects who worship a fifty-thousand legged deity whose name cannot be pronounced by human tongues.

Jeff believes that their queen’s milk may be used as a cure for genital herpes. All hail Jeff!


By: Derek Yu

On: May 12th, 2007


Hey, guys… I was in the midst of a spam-deleting berserk rage and I accidentally deleted an entire page of real comments. Sorry about that! The spam on the site has been kind of ridiculous lately – I’m going to look into it (i.e. I’m going to get Jeff to look into it). Fucking spam. FUCK!

Hey, I know… in order to reaffirm my faith in humanity, how about if everyone posts something nice in the comments? Something that doesn’t have anything to do with spam or porn or the Bang Bus.

High Technology

By: Derek Yu

On: February 9th, 2007


Started playing with some of the features in Typo 4.0. Like images in the sidebar! Whoo! I’ve been waiting for that for ages. I can finally add the rotating “Recommended Games” thing to our site. TIGSource was getting so jealous of Indygamer and Jay is Games!

There are only a few games in rotation right now, but I’d like to hear what other games we’ve covered that you think deserve to be there. These games should be fun, first and foremost. Which games would you show someone to introduce them either to that genre of game or to independent gaming in general?

Look for more tweaks, fixes, and additions in the future! I’m really amped about improving the site now. Throw your suggestions at me, too.

Spam Go Boom

By: Derek Yu

On: February 1st, 2007


I just went all Defcon on some m’f’in spam. Unfortunately, I deleted a handful of real comments in the process.

Sowwy. :(

But we (i.e. Jeff) just installed the latest version of Typo (our blogging software), so I’m hoping the amount of spam will drop significantly. And can someone confirm whether the RSS feed is still borked? I was hoping that upgrading would fix that, too.

Server Outage

By: Derek Yu

On: December 2nd, 2006

Hampster Attack LAWLS

DNS server went kaputz yesterday. Something about a giant mutant hamster attacking the TIGSource server farm in Peoria. After punching holes in most of the windows, the hamster was finally subdued by helicopters and cop cars, wherein it shrunk and revealed itself to be none other than a very confused Will Wright.

In other news, “city howling mad, sausage scam exposed.”

We Done Moved, Y’all

By: Derek Yu

On: November 26th, 2006


Because of all the technical problems we were having we moved the site over to a new server this morning at around 8am. This new host should be much more stable and MUCH faster… which means that you should start pimping the site to all your friends! Pass this site around like a cheap whore!

All hail Jeff! All hail Jeff!


By: Derek Yu

On: November 19th, 2006

Hey, we’re obviously experiencing some technical difficulties. Trying to figure them out. Jeff is the man, Jeff is the man. Stay tuned! We’ll fix this shit, we pwomise.

Has TIGSource Jumped the Shark?

By: ARelativelyHotGirl

On: November 2nd, 2006