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On: October 30th, 2010


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  • Tom


  • ev149

    When is “shortly?”

  • abizyana

    тишина и только мертвые с косами стоят!

  • Dad

    In russia the letters read you.

  • Fan


  • binoal

    Haha, when is shortly (posted 1 month ago)
    that made my day lol

  • ev149

    Obviously it's not that short…

  • Natsirt13

    @Dad its in SOVEIT russia gosh… its not even funny.

  • Dosmaen

    so ve it.

  • SnoUweR

    Russia is no more soviet.

    – Captain Obvious

  • Mslevinrocks

    WHen is shortly posted 3 months ago made my day now

  • Pauliux00


  • Your mom


  • Milad Zarrin

    Sorry but i can't register at forums. It just tell me an error occured! it's 3 days that i had trying and always it failed.

  • ShitTARD


  • DERP

    It’s actually Soviet, not SOVEIT.

  • Caylan_knowles

    Welcome to Soviet Russia  *Guns down visitors

  • Multiblouis


  • skiiiiiipalu

    how do you make a game

  • Anonymous

    Support Knight Hunter Indie Dev game on Kickstarter

  • August Bender
  • Fatal_kjl

    in soviet Russia the kybo craps on you

  • Fatal_kjl


  • min


  • Ur mom


  • Ur mom

    Get some minecraft going

  • Notch

    Thanks for your support

  • abcdefg

    there used to be such a good features page before they changed the site. now everything is gone, but I suppose everyone is busy doing projects.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FromDeathToLegend Jesse Alan

    Hey TIG, I want to make a blog for everyone to share their videogame ideas, projects and the like.

    Could you and would you help me?

  • neeraj

    Hi. I have try more than 20 times to register at forum. It just tell me an error occured! Please short out is problem

  • neeraj

    Hi, Milad

    I face same problem

  • pumpalumpa

    what is tigsource.com and why is ?

  • pumpalumpa
  • Brilliant Game Studio
  • LilGucci Rogers


  • LilGucci Rogers


  • Domas Labokas

    Please support Groundrone

  • 13YearOldDeveloper

    Hey everyone i need a second Developer to help me create a game this game will be a Platformer Survival game this will be made on GameMaker Studios Masters or Pro i am only 13 but i have doing this for 2 years now i have made games in the past and i love doing this contact me at [email protected] if interested thanks!

  • flowerskorea

    A birthday or a special event is totally incomplete without Cakes. But choosing the right one for a certain occasion is not a cake-walk. So log on to the various shopping sites available on the web to choose the most appropriate one along with Low Cost Flowers and Gifts delivery in South Korea to sweeten your celebrations or amaze someone special on their special day.

  • Sean

    Hey, I launched a site to help game developers to get free game intro pages to communicate with gamers. http://www.nomsg.net (on mobile, m.nomsg.net) about a month ago.

    About 120 indie developers have posted their games, if you guys like, go to http://www.nomsg.net, and give them some comments.

    BTW, on noMSG, we have a function that we can recommend you games by your comments and ratings. It will be interesting to see if it works. :)

  • ScharfBergCity

    Made a game for androidz. check it out? or don’t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU3i778DPVY&feature=youtu.be

  • http://karma-adventure.com Auralab

    Hey guys! We are currently developing a game, I’d say it looks a bit like Machinarium on acid ;) if you care to take a look, please follow this link:
    Karma. Incarnation 1 is psychedelic point-and click adventure. We started indieGoGo campaign recently, so if you like the game – please consider a donation :)

  • http://www.samplequestionpaper.com/ Himanshu Sethi
  • Fasguy


  • Juan Peralta Donate

    Name: “Outsiders: Countdown to Extinction”

    Platform: Mobile devices

    Genre: Augmented Reality Turn-based Tactics

    “Outsiders is an X-COM-style strategy game that takes place on your tabletop, your work desk, in

    your garden, or wherever you want to play it. Using AR tech, the team at Distance Studio is looking

    to take strategy gameplay into the real world.”.- Mike Rose (Gamasutra)

    Print the target on a regular piece of paper, point your mobile device at it and watch your squads

    battle their foes as if they were standing right in front of you. Feel once again the thrill of the battle

    without the need of carrying heavy manuals and tokens everywhere. Help humanity revive from its

    ashes and rise in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens threaten to destroy everything we know.

    Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, Distance Studio needs your support to release such an amazing

    game, that’s why they’ve made a Kickstarter campaign, they can’t do this on their own, they need

    your help.

    Want to know more about the game? Here are some of the features that make “Outsiders” great:

    • Augmented Reality, a videogame has never felt more real. Control the camera and

    decide how you want to observe the battle.

    • Multiplayer up to four players, ’cause everything is better when you share it with

    your friends.

    • Different soldiers with unique equipment and skills.

    • Permadeath system. Think ahead and choose wisely, otherwise your men could end

    up dead, and they might be of great importance in the future.

    • Lots of different maps and challenges.

    • A post-apocalyptic world with a rich lore to discover.

    • Campaign mode with several hand-crafter missions.

    • And much more!

    Back the campaign and share it on Twitter and Facebook. “Outsiders: Countdown to Extinction” is

    a revolutionary concept, help us to make it a reality.

  • https://twitter.com/runchicrunch Runchi Crunch

    Good news, everyone!:) I’m finished simple arcade game in pixel-art style.
    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RunchiCrunch.PinguiTate

    I will be grateful for feedback.

    Engine – Unity.

  • EliteKen

    Hey would love if someone could review and give feedback on this game

  • http://nevergrind.com Joe Leonard

    Hello, I would greatly appreciate some coverage of Nevergrind, a custom-built action RPG: http://nevergrind.com/press/

  • Juliet Rogers

    New time travel indie game! Check out http://www.kittysoftstudios.com

  • MCfanman123

    how u make a game? idk how.