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Super Charlie Factory Massacre MMORPG

By: Tim

On: October 14th, 2007



(Source: Kotaku)

Viva Caligula

By: Derek Yu

On: October 2nd, 2007

Viva Caligula

Adult Swim’s latest Flash joint, Viva Caligula, puts you in the leathery shoes of everyone’s favorite crazy Roman Emperor. Charged with the task of killing all of Rome’s citizens, you’ll run amok through the streets, gardens, and catacombs of “The Eternal City,” smiting everyone who crosses your path. Along the way you’ll collect 26 different weapons with which to massacre your opponents.

The fun of this game really comes from the variety of the weapons that are available to you. You’ll get to wield everything from knives and axes and crossbows, to more exotic treats, like beehives and necromancy! And entering Rampage Mode increases the destructive power of your arms. This is achieved by killing, collecting trophies, or – no joke – screaming into a microphone.

Once you’ve collected all 26 weapons, you’ll be invited to the Palace for some good ol’ fashioned hedonism. But given the number of weapons and the size of Rome, this could take you a while.

Conclusion: fun time-waster, great artwork (natch). Would make an awesome cartoon!