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By: Derek Yu

On: May 26th, 2010

Eschalon: Book II

Today, Basilisk games released the Macintosh and Linux versions of Eschalon: Book II, following the Windows version which came out earlier this month. Book II is the second game in a planned trilogy of RPGs, and continues the story where Book I left off. According to an interview with one of the creators, Book II also improves on the first game in a number of ways:

For Book II we’re sticking with the same old-school design principles and focusing on gameplay improvements and elements that were left out of Book I. We’re taking 99% of the improvements from fan suggestions such as increasing the game’s resolution, improving the interface, adding female characters, weather effects that influence stats, powder kegs that can be moved around, improved dialog and quest options, and much more. Some of the 60 improvements are less tangible, such as engine tweaks to allow the game to consume fewer resources than Book I and run smoother, but they all lead to a better gaming experience.

Eschalon: Book II can be purchased for $24.95 and Book I, which was released in 2007, now costs $19.95. Demos are available for both games.

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Avernum 6

Also, I noticed that Spiderweb Software’s long-running RPG series, Avernum, has finally reached its conclusion this year, with Avernum 6. Like Eschalon, the last game in the series came out three years ago, in 2007. The game is available for both Windows and Macintosh.

So yeah, so far it’s been a good year for fans of old-school, story-driven indie fantasy CRPGs! For more indie RPG love, you should check out Craig Stern’s Craig is a developer of RPGs himself, having created a number of games under the label Sinister Design.

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