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New Year’s Resolution: Play Dwarf Fortress

By: Alehkhs

On: January 10th, 2009

Are you tired of dying in the winter?

Tired of tree-hugging elves murdering over a simple wooden chair?

Tired of moody dwarfs striking in the workplace?

Do you try and try again to play Dwarf Fortress?

Do you say to yourself over and over, “Maybe next year,” or “If only the interface made sense”?

IF YES, then you need

dwarf fortress tutorial

With these simple, ten-minute videos, you TOO can enjoy the pleasures of a sustainable mountain fortress!

Just listen to these satisfied viewers:

  • “Great job!” – Lucifer
  • “Thank you so much for these – and keep them up!” – Hermes
  • “I wish these were out when I started.” – ravanous

And now a message from captain_duck:

“I remembered how hard it was to get into DF, to learn the basics, and how I really wanted some video help with that instead of just a FAQ.

So why not make one myself? … since I wanted a walkthrough, others probably wanted it too. So I just started making these videos.

And I was right apparently, I’m getting tons of comments and messages about people who couldn’t get into DF at all, but my videos really helped them to understand the game."

So don’t wait a minute longer, GO NOW!