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By: Derek Yu

On: January 10th, 2010

ChevyRay has created a new 2d Flash game library called FlashPunk (v0.73).

FlashPunk Logo

FlashPunk is a free ActionScript library designed for developing 2D Flash games. Its goal is to provide you with a fast, clean framework for prototyping and developing games; this means most of the dirty work – reliable framerate, sprite rendering/animation, player input, and collision detection (to name a few) – has been covered with a set of base classes and functions for your ease of use. This gives you more time and energy to concentrate on the design and testing of your game.
It’s important to note that FlashPunk is targeted towards the development of games with 2D raster/bitmap graphics, as opposed to vector graphics. It can manage thousands of animated bitmap sprites on-screen at a time without slowing, a lot faster than Flash normally could, because it operates under the assumption that your game primarily uses bitmapped graphics.

The library is released as an alternative to Adam Saltsman’s Flixel framework, which is also geared towards 2d, sprite-based Flash games. You can read a list of differences between the two libraries here, in ChevyRay’s announcement thread.

The video above depicts a game that ChevyRay is creating using his engine, called Fight! Mechanical Shooting Device. The graphics are by Pietepiet. Jumper creator and RunMan: Race Around the World co-creator Matt Thorson has also announced that Jumper 4 will be developed in FlashPunk.

Ludum Dare 15: Results

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 16th, 2009


The 15th Ludum Dare "48 hour solo game development competition” has ended. The theme this time around was “Caverns,” and there were over 143 (i.e., 144) games submitted — all of which you can find here. (With screen shots!)

The top honors this time went to ChevyRay‘s Beacon (shown above) and ’ Thorson’s Site">YMM’s Broken Cave Robot, which are both excellent. But there are many other gems! I advise scrolling through the voting results and trying everything.

Ludum Dare 16 will begin in December. Prepare thyself!


By: Derek Yu

On: October 11th, 2008


The Proper Undead’s Skullpogo is an incredibly enjoyable combo fest that entails (I actually wrote “entrails” there first – did my Freud slip?) hopping on pigs and bats to obtain a highscore. Power-ups and power-downs add to the liveliness and distract you from the sobering realization that you are, in fact, crushing the living hell out of innocent animals. Or are they criminals? Well, we’ll never know now, WILL WE?!

Now if only you could play this game with the Dance X2 !REVOLT control pad. And some real pigs!

P.S. If you’re having trouble accessing the forums, try downloading the game directly from here (1.5 MB).