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Comicompo 3

By: Derek Yu

On: August 23rd, 2010

Comicompo 3

Behold, true believers! The third issue (or “ish #3”) of the TIGForums collaborative comic project is upon thee! Comicompo 3 started with four teams who thought they were competing with one another to finish separate comics. Little did they know that they were all working on the same, epic, 76-page comic, which was only connected once all the pages were finished. And thus, peace was brought to the TIGForums Comicverse as we were all united under a common banner: love and respect for our fellow indie artists. At least in this timeline…

The man who orchestrated this plan was none other than the talented Kyle “Xerus” Pulver: game creator, web designer, magnificent bastard, and still the Vice President of Romeopie Software. Many thanks to him, and to the 75 participants of Comicompo 3 who were not me. There is some seriously good stuff in there… so get readin’!

If you want to see the original thread for the comic, including the rules and all the internecine banter, clikc here.