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Meat Boy

By: Derek Yu

On: October 7th, 2008

Meat Boy

Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee have finally answered that age-old question: “What would it be like to be one of those slimy meat patties that came with ”“>Lunchables boxed lunches?” A masochistic platformer in the vein of YMM‘s Jumper and FLaiL series of games, Meat Boy has you slippin’ and slidin’ through 56+ stages to rescue your beloved Band-Aid Girl from the evil Fetus-in-a-Jar. Absolutely brutal difficulty, with a nice feel to the main character, who is squishy and slippery.

In a world where Veganism is trendy and Garbage Pail Kids are not cool any more, it’s nice to see guys like Edmund bringing back some good old-fashioned, meaty gross-out humor, and adding a touch of class to it. A solid game that is rounded out with a sweet score by Daniel Baranowsky, who also did the music for Gravity Hook. If the level editor were only a bit more user friendly, it’d be tops.

The standalone version of the game is available here (13 MB) .