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Time Donkey

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 2nd, 2009

Time Donkey, the latest game from Flashbang Studios (and the 9th on Blurst!), has been released. In the game you play as a donkey working at a fast food joint who discovers a portal and becomes “trapped in the very fabric of time itself, doomed to relive the same 30 seconds again and again.”

It mostly plays like your standard 3D platformer — running, jumping, collecting tacos — but the trick here is that you can press R to jump back in time and try again, while “ghosts” of your previous tries play out. You can then interact with them, allowing you to reach new areas and such. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get a handle on the controls and start planning your moves, it’s quite fun. (And pretty darn hilarious!)

The music is, of course, by the indefatigable Danny B.

Play Time Donkey here, on Blurst!


By: Xander

On: September 1st, 2009


Adam Atomic and Danny B are at it again with Canabalt, a flixel powered one-button platformer. Your incredibly suave protagonist continually runs to the right and all you are required to do is hit the jump button, varying timing and length in order to avoid the obstacles in your path.

So it’s a simple game to play then, but so much of the game is executed gloriously. The atmosphere is fantastic, with the multitude of greys creating a distinct world that’s easily identifiable even when your hero is at his fastest. The scheme even flows into the browser window itself, which frames the game in a similar style, which is a great touch. The wide resolution of the game also helps with seeing the oncoming obstacles without having to slow the game down to help you cope with the pressure.

The sensation of speed throughout is intensely gratifying. It’s often been said about the classic Sonic games that the speed sections were simply rewards for careful platforming and beating enemies, but here the whole game feels rewarding. He doesn’t take long at all to build up speed and it just increases as he tears across randomly generated rooftops. I also love the feeling of being out of control of the character, which sounds fairly silly, but it conveys the feeling of speed akin to say a runaway train. There’s no way to stop him, the best you can do is use the one button you have to get the hell out of the way of anything that will put a premature end to your rush.

Sometimes that can be a giant robot. Just FYI

Super Meat Boy Featurette & More

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: August 8th, 2009

Just a quick little post — here’s a Super Meat Boy Nintendo Channel Featurette with Tommy and Edmund blabbing about the upcoming WiiWare title, which is promised to be “the most epic game ever, that ever will be.”

UPDATE: Another video I missed, featuring stills of the latest build as well as one of DannyB’s excellent tracks, after the jump!