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By: Derek Yu

On: March 29th, 2011

Stephen Lavelle’s browser-based extension of the free sound effects tool sfxr is complete, and has been dubbed “Bfxr“. Bfxr allows for the creation of more complex sound effects and includes features such as a mixer and a persistent list of created songs. A downloadable version is also available.


By: Derek Yu

On: February 24th, 2011

as3sfxr-b, by increpare

Increpare has modded Tom Vian’s Flash port of sfxr, a simple sound effects creation program by Dr Petter. Aside from the improved interface, as3sfxr-b adds a number of new features, including a playlist of created sounds, triangle waves, and the ability to share sounds with friends via a link. Increpare is currently taking suggestions for the app at this TIGForums thread.

Links: Tom Vian’s Flash Port, sfxr

Sculptris v1.0

By: Derek Yu

On: May 22nd, 2010

DrPetter has released version 1.0 of Sculptris, his free 3d modelling tool! This release lets you to paint color, textures, and bump maps right onto the model. Time to play!

Sculptris Alpha

By: Derek Yu

On: December 20th, 2009

DrPetter, the talented developer behind Deflectorpool and Sfxr, just released an alpha for a new tool, called Sculptris. Sculptris lets you make 3d models quickly and intuitively as shown in the above video. You can export your creations as OBJ files or import OBJ files to use as a base for editing.

It’s really fun to play with. I made this ugly head after messing around for a bit.

This is an alpha, so the good Doctor recommends saving frequently, and reporting any bugs (or general inquiries) to him at the Sculptris forums. According to the readme, the final version is due in early 2010.


By: Derek Yu

On: December 12th, 2009


I think DrPetter’s Deflectorpool is pretty brilliant. It’s got a unique combination of mechanics, a well-balanced difficulty ramp, a great combo system that effectively employs risk/reward, and lots of ways to score. It’s also deceptively simple and looks/sounds nice, to boot. Players who enjoy mechanical games should really enjoy this one.

In the game you control a “bat” that’s dangling from the bottom of a paddle that’s floating in water. Colored balls drop from the top of the screen, and your bat will collect balls of its color for points. By holding down the mouse button you can bump a different-colored ball to change colors. If a ball drops off the bottom of the screen, the screen is pushed upwards – if the water goes past the top of the screen, you lose.

The fun comes from getting large combos, which becomes ever more risky as the balls begin to pile up on top of your paddle. You’ll inevitably find yourself juggling furiously trying to avoid changing colors until the last moment. At the bottom of the screen, friendly messages encourage (goad?) you to keep going and striving to reach 10, 20, or 30 balls.

DrPetter‘s still best known for his tools like Sfxr and Musagi, but if he keeps this up he’ll soon be well known for his games as well. In my opinion, Deflectorpool is great.

TIGdb: Entry for Deflectorpool

Short development video after the leap:


By: Derek Yu

On: May 25th, 2009


Chup is a new Flash platformer from DrPetter, the creator of the fantastic music tools SFXR and Musagi. Use the keyboard to move and the mouse to launch yourself into the air. The goal is to reach the exit in each of the 16 levels. You get more points for time, gems, and number of launches used.

DrPetter makes some quality stuff, and Chup is no exception – it’s a challenging game with slick graphics and music.

TIGdb: Entry for Chup

(Source: Dan Tabar, via his Twitter)

DrPetter’s musagi

By: Derek Yu

On: August 18th, 2008


DrPetter, the creator of sfxr and 116 unfinished games (and some pretty cool finished ones), put out a free music app that’s been floating around in an incomplete (but functional) state for awhile. musagi is a sophisticated music editor and synthesizer that I warrant could compete with commercial music editors should DP decide to rub out a version 1.0. It certainly feels intuitive and easy-to-use for even a newb composer like myself.

There are a few rough spots in the program, but most can be worked around. For example, I had problems loading songs until I realized that it was the “Parts Window” that was screwing it up and making it crash. Once I made sure to close that before loading songs, I was gold. Diamond Rider “remixes” flowed from me like fine brandy.

Anyway, I’m hoping that this post will help inspire DrPetter to clean musagi up, because it would most certainly be a boon to all of mankind. Also check out his article repository, where you can find some learnin’ words about sfxr, musagi, and sound/music in general!

Dr. Petter’s 116 Unfinished Games of Delight and Madness

By: Derek Yu

On: May 15th, 2008

116 Unfinished Games - Small

DrPetter, the brilliant mind behind sfxr, was inspired by the awesome Unfinished Game Demo/Dump thread on TIGForums and decided to contribute a mosaic of 116 of his own unfinished creations.

The games listed span from 1995 to 2008, which I guess corresponds to half my life (born 1982).

You can see the full image here (3 mb) – wow, is that ever fun to look at! DrPetter has also written short descriptions for each of the games (some of which can be played at his website)!

Definitely check out the rest of the dumps, too. You might not think it, but it’s quite inspiring (and entertaining) to see people’s unfinished work. I’m considering contributing some games to it myself!


By: Derek Yu

On: December 17th, 2007


Hells yes! The ever-inventive Dr. Petter has released a free sound program that lets you easily create retro-style sound effects:

What I present here is, if you will, an MS Paint for sound effects… or something along those lines. It’s meant to make it dead easy for anyone to whip up a few simple sound effects and save them as .WAV files for playback using most game/media libraries like SDL or pygame.

This really beats holding a microphone in my teeth while I beat a robot to death with a rusted pipe!

(Works in Linux, too! Thanks, PoV!)