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Eegra’s First Annual Game Makin’ Shindig: Winners

By: Derek Yu

On: July 30th, 2008


You guys read Eegra, right? I hope so, because it’s the best gaming comic there is (see below right). And I’m not just saying that because their mascot is an octopus with a top hat and a monocle.


Well, Eegra has just finished their First Annual Game Makin’ Shindig, and the theme was “colour.” There were nine entries and four winners (two tied for third place).

I tried the top three entries and they’re all pretty solid, although I personally I felt Colourblind (#3, shown above) was the most interesting and polished game. It’s a physics-based game where gravity pulls different colors in different directions. Go Beryllium (#1) feels like a pretty standard bullet-hell shmup to me, and it doesn’t make nearly as good use of the theme, in my opinion. Spectrum Spelunker is a good #2. If the difficulty ramped up a bit faster this one would be ace.

Them’s just my opinions, however! Congratulations to Eegra for a successful compo and to the winners for winning!