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Wizball Remake

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: November 3rd, 2007

Wizball remake

Graham Goring, renown remaker and host of The Arsecast, has finally finished possibly the last remake of his career. A remake of the C64 game Wizball!

You can expect Graham’s usual high level of polish and even higher level of hardware accelerated effects. Seriously, this man’s love of particles borders on criminal.

The release of Wizball (alledgedly) marks the end of Graham’s remaking career, but also the beginning of his rise to indie gaming superstardom. I know he’s already got some rad projects lined up… but I’m still anxious to hear what he announces. Yay Graham!

Download the remake here.

UPDATE: A new version has been uploaded that fixes some issues with the first release.

The Arsecast: Attack on the Clones

By: Derek Yu

On: July 4th, 2007

Snood Sucks

Graham Goring, aka The Arsecast Host (or “Thunderwang,” to the ladies), has updated his delightful Arsecast blog with a feature about rip-offs – something we can’t get enough of in this community. This one’s especially great because he tears into the mother of all rip-offs, Snood. Or, as I like to call it, “Pood.” Get it? Because it looks like poo, guys.

Okay, maybe it’s time for bed.

Arsecast Interview: Bob Fearon

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: June 12th, 2007

The legend... the guy... Bob Fearon.

The Arsecast has posted an interview with Robert Fearon, a.k.a. Oddbob, a.k.a. the Mersey Remakes (and Retro Remakes) guy, a.k.a. the guy who recently released Beast Invaders 3. I’m talkin’ about the guy, here.

Graham describes the interview as “more like a informal chat which veers all over the place.” As if we were expecting anything else!

Listen here if ya missed the link.

New Arsecast Episode

By: Tim

On: May 28th, 2007

highseas_play1_480The new format is fab. I mean, it has screenshots and everything!

Now I don’t have to bother imagining how the latest match-three puzzlers look like.

The Arsecast Double Feature

By: Tim

On: February 6th, 2007

arsecastYour regular show (which is always loaded with lots of fun and swearing), plus the special one hour interview with Nick Tipping (Moonpod Games) – who is actually still programming from his bedroom.

Some games mentioned: G-Force, Blast Miner, La-Mulana, Super Columbine RPG and more.

Edit: There’s a prize to be won by listening to this episode, so don’t miss it. (hint: it’s a copy of Mr. Robot)

Arsecast: Christmas Special

By: Tim

On: December 21st, 2006

arsecastIt’s Christmas! And to celebrate that fact, this Arsecast is not only late (but only so it’s nice and close to the big day – arf!) but it’s also about ten minutes longer than usual, running for a whole twelve minutes! ;)

Featured this month: Mr Robot, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, Saucerlifter, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, Cortex Command, The Underside, Hero 2, Typhoon 2001, Knytt, Darkside Adventures, Ikachan, Die Die Galaxy, B-Intruders, Gamma Brothers, Paroxysm, Spud’s Quest, Return Of Egypt, Mr Pratt and Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space.

(From the RSS feed)

Arsecast Episode 4

By: Tim

On: November 9th, 2006


Arsecast Episode 4 is out.

Arsecast Episode 3

By: Tim

On: October 11th, 2006

arsecastPractically the best indie game podcast right now, because the rest of the competition just closed shop and disappeared.

You’ll hate listening to the programme if you make crap games and throw a tantrum when receiving constructive feedback. Others will enjoy the honesty, something most indie game sites lack.

(Photo stolen blatantly from oddbob’s blog)

Episode 2 is ‘ere

By: Tim

On: September 11th, 2006

arsecastA new episode of The Arsecast is out, reviewing games that I’m too lazy to write about properly. (Thanks!)

Each episode is just like The Godfather, complete with swearing, shooting and bad apples.

And yes, version A is worth fifty quid on eBay now.