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Teppoman 2

By: Derek Yu

On: June 29th, 2010

Teppoman 2

After 2 years, the prolific Ikiki has finally re-emerged with a sequel to one of his earliest games, the 2003 run n’ gun Teppoman. Teppoman 2 (second from the top) has all the hallmarks of a great Ikiki release, from the protagonist’s skillful acrobatics to the charming thick-line pixel art style with which he renders his apparently nude characters. The levels, which are small but get quite challenging, can often be circumvented in multiple ways and are filled with secrets for players who are willing to hunt around and can make use of the many moves available to them. Every fifth level of the game is a boss fight, after which the game will end unless the player has collected the requisite number of bananas that are scattered across the levels, sometimes in well-hidden recesses (for the first boss you need at least 5 bananas). Definitely a solid entry to Ikiki’s vast catalog of games.

Although pretty much all of his games are worth checking out for one reason or another (if not for the depth, then for the humor), if you’re new to Ikiki, I’d recommend playing Nikujin or Hakaiman, my personal favorites. Nikujin, in particular, has become a cult favorite for its imposing difficulty and fun game mechanics (it’s the ninja game where I feel most like a ninja while playing). Check out Daiz play the game about as well as anyone could hope to in this video.

Along with Teppoman 2, Ikiki released another game, Nozumou (first from the top), in which you control a sumo that has to defeat smaller sumos while avoiding larger ones. I’m not sure I’ve figured the game out entirely, but it seems very simple. Press “Shift” to start the game.

Controls for Teppoman 2:

Arrow Keys – Move
Shift – Jump
Control – Attack
Down – Open chests/pick up items
Jump on Wall – Wall Jump
Double-Tap Left/Right – Dash
Dash + Jump – Long Jump
Dash + Immediate Jump – Glide (can be used to skim across water)
Dash and Turn – Skid
Skid + Jump – High Jump
A – Discard weapon
J – Suicide

(Source: Tim W., via the blog)

TIGdb: Entry for Teppoman 2

Tobioriya and Curryki

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2008


In case you missed it, Ikiki has released two new games this year, and they’re both pretty nifty! The first is Tobioriya, an archery game where you have to shoot people jumping out of a building (naked, obviously). Hold down the mouse button and release to shoot. Try to aim the cursor on the jumpers as the arrow travels nearly instantaneously.


In the second game, Curryki, you have to put curry on rice. The rice appears on the left side, and you have to squirt the curry on the right. Then the machine will flip the right side onto the left (like a page in a book). So the goal is to place the curry so that it ends up in the right place! It’s quite tricky!

Really like both of these, especially Curryki, which I think is pretty novel. You can download them both from Ikiki’s games page. Curryki is at the top, and Tobioriya is the next one down.

(Source: LaughingCrow, via Lithium Leaf. Sweet blog, dude!)

Welcome to Ikiki ‘s House

By: Derek Yu

On: April 7th, 2008


Our dear and prolific friend Ikiki has finally carved out a home for himself on the interwebs. On his website you can find downloads for all his games, as well as some bewildering animated gifs featuring the signature naked men we’ve come to know and love (see left).

Even better, there are two new games to enjoy (at the top of the list). Truly amazing.

(Source: Tim, via, natch!)


By: Terry

On: December 29th, 2007


You’ve probably already seen this on Tim’s new indie games blog, but it’s so wonderful that it really deserves another mention. Tekkyuuman ( mirror) is a new game by quirky Japanese developer Ikiki. And it’s one of his best yet.

As usual, you play as an armed naked guy, though this time your weapon is a little unusual – a mace on an elastic chain. There are twelve single screen levels to progress, with bosses every third level. That’s basically it – what really makes it, though, is just how well designed those levels are, and how how much character each of those bosses have. It’s addictive as hell, and quite hard! (If you’re stuck, I’ve got a full video playthrough up on YouTube which might help.)

I was under the impression that Ikiki had given up on game design (earlier this year Ikiki’s site went down and the frontpage was replaced with something suspisiously like a goodbye message – though babelfish insists that it’s got something to do with “Fat bowls”). Speaking as someone who only found out about Ikiki’s existance earlier this year with Xander’s Nikujin post, I really hope that this game is a sign that we can expect to see more from him. (And if so, what a magnificent comeback it is!)

5 Ikikis out of 5!

(Something I wonder about: what’s the Japanese indie gaming scene really like? Is there a Japanese TIGSource, for example? Did Japanese indies get as excited about Knytt Stories (say) as we did about Cave Story? Is there a Japanese version of Derek trawling through all of Cactus’ old games? Definitly something we need to DISCUSS.)

Bokorin Pwnd

By: Tim

On: November 30th, 2007

World record by Benzido.


By: Derek Yu

On: November 25th, 2007


With Bokorin, Ikiki goes back to the basics… the basics of being nude and kicking the crap out of other nude people! Press the Shift button to jump and Control to perform attacks. You can get combos either by knocking your opponents into each other, or by hitting them again and again before they hit the ground – I’m not really sure which.

This one’s pretty addicting for me, for some reason. I think it’s that loud “hit” sound effect that sounds like a cow being split in half with a metal baseball bat. That, and the exploding apple on the title screen.

My best score is 1848. Can you guys do any better?

EDIT: A-ha! You can hold down the ‘z’ button to slow time. Thanks, Benzido (Champion of All Things Naked and Naming)!


By: Derek Yu

On: November 19th, 2007


Ikiki continues his theme of warfare with Rakkasan, a simple, single-screen platformer that has you shooting down soldiers that parachute in from the sky. Occasionally, a bomb is dropped at your location.

I was thinking, it would be nice if someone packaged all the games together and made a simple player for them. I might look into that once I’ve gone through the whole list!

Controls: Press A to crouch, Spacebar to jump, S and F to move, and use the mouse to aim; LMB to fire, RMB to reload.


By: Derek Yu

On: November 16th, 2007


Picked up Pineappo because I thought an Ikiki game about tropical fruit might be interesting… nope, it’s another overhead commando game!

The “pineappo,” in this case, must refer to the grenades you use in lieu of a gun (press “z”). You can also punch guards by pressing shift (very dangerous), or… perform an action which appears to be spitting (“x”). I think it’s meant to draw the guards’ attentions, but I’m not sure.

It’s fun to see how Ikiki’s designs develop from game to game. This one definitely feels like it comes somewhere between Tetuhau and Hakaiman, when you examine the mechanics involved, as well as the overall polish.

I feel like I just uncovered the missing link, or something.


By: Derek Yu

On: November 14th, 2007


IkikiWatch 2007 continues, thanks in no small part to pkt-zero, who provided me with a zip of all the games! Thanks, man!

This time I pulled out Tetuhau, which looks to be a precursor to Hakkaiman, which I really enjoyed. It is, as you can imagine, much more primitive all around, with a noticeable absence of neck-snapping! On the other hand, the cutscenes are pretty entertaining.

It’s extremely short!


By: Derek Yu

On: July 23rd, 2007


One of Ikiki’s earliest… and probably most offensive games, Niwatori has you clubbing cats that are trying to steal your chickens. But I think it’s what happens after you lose that is likely to provoke some outrage:

Racist Piece of Equipment Now that is a racist piece of equipment!