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Independent Games Summit: Innovation in Indie Games

By: Derek Yu

On: September 30th, 2007

What better way to spend a quiet Sunday evening then to watch a panel from this year’s Independent Games Summit, featuring Jon Blow, Jon Mak, Jenova Chen, and Kyle Gabler! This panel was one of my favorites of the summit. Each of the panelists came from a different perspective… together they really got at what was exciting about indie games for me. The four P’s, yo: passion, personality, and potential. And Pinnovation.

But yeah, I can’t believe Steve dissed me so hard at the end. Unfortunately, I don’t remember my question. I think I was going to ask Jon Mak about what hair products he uses…

EDIT: Google Video page, downloadable version (.mov)

(Source: GameSetWatch)

Updated Everyday Shooter Trailer

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 19th, 2007

Fall 2007, baby! That’s pretty soon.


By: ARelativelyHotGirl

On: September 12th, 2007

Braid will be released on XBLA in early 2008!

Pictured: Sony vs. Microsoft!

Read about it here.

Definitely didn’t hear about it from Tim or anything.

You go, JB! <3

Weekend Videos

By: Derek Yu

On: July 13th, 2007

Everyday Shooter, official E3 trailer:

Jon Mak on Everyday Shooter, artistry as a game developer, and “innovation:”

Hahaha… I love Jon! The interviewer might as well have been a cement brick. Gotta stay until the end, it’s awesome.

De Blob gameplay video:

It looks fun, although I wish there was more interaction with things other than buildings. I also second that the original blob character design was better. But then again, you have to remember that they’re marketing for people like this:

“The wii version will be better then the PC, also because the blob doesn’t look like a chode”Kojjiro, YouTube user, probably not his school’s valedictorian

That’s it! Have a great weekend, folks!

(Sources: Indygamer)

Everyday Shooter Heading to PS3

By: Derek Yu

On: July 11th, 2007

Jonathan Mak

Other indie news sites broke this story first. But none of them broke it with this sexy pic of Jonathan Mak.

N’Gai Croal’s “Level Up” blog is increasingly becoming a place for juicy exclusives. This time N’Gai (awesome name) reveals that Jon’s sensational musical shoot ‘em up, Everyday Shooter, is hitting the PS3 to join Jenova Chen’s fl0w. There’s also an interview with Jon before he headed to E3 (now one day in and counting):

“Nothing I’m doing is specific to the PS3. I try not to buy into using new technologies simply because I feel that old technology is already so rich. It’s sorta like how an acoustic guitar, while being very simple, is still very expressive. That’s how I feel about old technology.”

The best part is that I can totally hear his voice the whole time I’m reading the interview.

No word yet on the fate of the PC version of the game.

GDC: Everyday Shooter

By: Derek Yu

On: May 11th, 2007

Check out this great video
(source: Tim W.) where Nikki Inderlied talks to Phil Fish and some other guy about Everyday Shooter. Dammit, it is no coincidence that (ES developer) Jon Mak was absent during the video… these guys are totally working for him as PR!

I love the part where Nikki asks Phil whether he thinks Everyday Shooter should have won the grand prize, and he gets a little bit nervous. You know why that is? It’s because I was standing right behind the camera with my shirt off, holding a baseball bat with a rusty nail through it… all like sweating profusely with my eyes bugging out… blood all dripping down my mouth because I just chewed off the head of John Romero… my nipples all pierced with CliffyB’s earrings… CliffyB’s actual ears on a necklace around my neck…

Wait, what, where was I? Oh yeah! Jon Mak is a P-I-M-P, and Everyday Shooter is a rad game. Totally deserving of its wins… which were very many!

True life adventure: some drunk guy at a party at GDC talked to me for an hour before I realized that he thought I was Jon Mak. I politely corrected him:

“Dude, I’m Jenova Chen.”