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Klei on Portals

By: ARelativelyHotGirl

On: August 18th, 2007

Jamie Cheng (of Eets fame) finally started updating his blog again, and his latest article offers up 3 reasons why his company won’t be using portals any time soon.

“Last week I argued vehemently that fewer people can acheive better results than a huge group of people. I could write an entire article just on this (people have written books on it), but the most important ingredient in all of this is passion. The fact is, Klei is not staffed with people who are passionate about building games for this target market — that is, players who buy games off of Yahoo!, MSN, and Big Fish Games.”

In an earlier post:

“…several [of our] key staff are also weird people who have no preconceptions of what the ‘right way’ to develop a game is. This can bring some amazing results when mixed with people from the industry who are fed up with the ‘right way’ to spend millions of dollars to create a game you’re not sure people will enjoy.”

Inspiring words to some, perhaps.

Jamie’s blog can be found here.

(Source: GameSetWatch)

New Indie Games XBLA Bound

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: February 1st, 2007

Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft recently announced ten new games planned for Xbox Live Arcade in 2007, including a few indie titles such as The Behemoth’s Alien Hominid HD, NinjaBee’s Band of Bugs, and Klei Entertainment’s previously-unannounced (big) update of Eets, Eets: Chowdown. But that’s not all!

Friends of TIGSource Metanet Software announced a couple days before this announcement an announcement of their own: In collaboration with aforementioned Klei Entertainment, they plan to bring an upgraded incarnation of N, called N+, to the Arcade as early as Fall this year. Hooray!

Now that I think about it, all these games probably deserve their own separate previews. So, erm… perhaps I’ll do that soon.