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Time Limit

By: Derek Yu

On: July 30th, 2008

Time Limit

Here’s a neat idea! In Time Limit (download) you play a young woman who’s trying to get to school on time (or is it work?). Her challenge is navigating the crowds of businessmen, schoolgirls, and bums, whom she can punch out of her way (“D”). She can also dash (“S”) past them, jump (“A”) over them, or simply walk around them. When your stress meter hits the maximum, you can also unleash a destructive “stress attack” by hitting “F.”

The neat thing about Time Limit is that it takes a snapshot of your desktop before the game starts, and uses it as the background for the game, allowing you to punch people out of the “window.” You can also hit “Space” once per level (there are two) to grab the window and shake it, sending people flying.

You can see these effects in the video, after the jump. Playing the game may require Japanese Unicode support. I also needed to download d3dx9_33.dll to run it.

(Source: LaughingCrow, via Lithium Leaf)

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