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By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: October 1st, 2010

“Just like lemonade, but with explosions,” Explosionade is the latest action romp from Nathan Fouts (Mommy’s Best Games), creator of Grapple Buggy, Shoot 1UP, Weapon of Choice, and more.

Due for XBLIG this coming Monday, Explosionade features Nathan’s usual (impressive) level of polish: two player co-op, online leader boards, destructible terrain, not to mention his trademark, sickly art style, which I’ve grown quite fond of. And it’s only 80 MS points — $1 USD! Not a bad way to start October, eh?

Mostly Xbox 360 Previews

By: Derek Yu

On: February 25th, 2010

Sneaky Andy Schatz steals the IGF trophy from Team Meat in Monaco!

Ska Studios is working on a sequel to their XBLA game The Dishwasher. The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile will be done “when it’s done”.

(Source: Michael Rose, via

I had the fortune of bumping into this video mere hours after it launched. Shoot 1UP is a shoot ‘em up from Mommy’s Best Games that was just launched on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 points. The game features a option-like 1up mechanic, branching paths, and the inimitable art style of MBG.

(Source: the2bears)

Finally, here’s a video about some French indie games from my favorite French-fried game reviewer, Benzaie (after the jump):

The three games he mentions are Lethal Judgment, Streets of Fury, and a remake of Toki that has really nice graphics.


By: Derek Yu

On: August 27th, 2009

Grapple Buggy, by Mommy’s Best Games (Xbox 360, 2010)

And Yet It Moves, by Broken Rules (WiiWare, Fall 2009)

Machinarium, by Amanita Design (Windows/Mac, Fall 2009)

Grapple Buggy Trailer

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: May 13th, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

Blaster Master meets Bionic Commando, with sexier physics and disturbing visuals? Yes, please. Not only is this the best XNA Community game I think I’ve ever seen (though, I’ll admit, my experience with XNA games is limited), it may be the best game ever? (Sure, I’m exaggerating here. But only slightly.)

My very first thought when I saw this was, “Hey, that looks like ”" titles=“Arne’s Bionic Commando meets Blaster Master meets Excite Bike meets AWESOME game concept”>one of Arne’s concepts!" Could this be the dream game he’s been waiting for? I mean, supposedly it “features dynamic decision branching, and multiple, story-driven endings.” Does that mean free-roaming exploration? I sure hope so.

Find more at creator Nathan Fouts’ website, Mommy’s Best Games.
Also, his dev log can be found here, and is now added to the DevRoll, natch.

(Thanks again Offworld!)