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By: Lorne Whiting

On: October 26th, 2010

So, puzzle/action game Nimbus was released on Steam (for ten bucks) yesterday. It’s pretty damn fun. You pilot a spaceshipy thing with no internal propulsion system glider shaped like a spaceship, meaning you have to rely on the environment and gravity to move. The barebones plot has you struggling to rescue your ship-mate– Err, mate who is a flying ship.

It’s pretty simple gameplay wise, controlled entirely with the arrow keys. It’s also billed as a racing game but getting a good time is entirely optional and it definitely seems more puzzley. While it starts simple– straight-forward navigating to the exit –more elements are added to the levels and it becomes harder and harder to retain precious momentum or avoid spikes and lasers, growing quite challenging. There’s also tons of unlockables, in the form of trails and different ships, and unlocking them requires secret items (giant coins and hidden levels!), which range in placement from the simple 10-feet out-of-reach to brain-rackingly difficult to get to.

The game is very polished, and it’s difficult to fault it for anything; the failures are fair and the challenges are well, just part of the challenges. On a different note: there’s strangely almost no information on the developer’s, Noumenon Games, website, but… eh, too bad. It’s fun.

There’s no demo, sadly, but it’s easily worth the $10 if you’re willing to make the leap-of-faith.