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Snack on This: Trailers

By: Derek Yu

On: October 8th, 2010

Hey, guys, while I’m slow-roasting some game reviews (emphasis on slow), I thought you might enjoy snacking on a few trailers for upcoming games.

Cobalt is a gorgeous-looking new run n’ gun by Oxeye Studios, the creators of the RTS Harvest: Massive Encounter. This is the first official showing of the game, which has been in development for a year now. According to the developers, the game’s about another year away from release.

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PG Competition – One Week Left!

By: Derek Yu

On: May 26th, 2008

Oxeye Studios shows us that TIGSource compos are serious business.
And so is being Swedish.

The Procedural Generation Competition has been going on for three weeks, and now there’s only one left! But it’s still plenty of time to implement a fancy new algorithm or two (or three hundred). There was an awesome turnout for this compo, natch. I’m happy to announce that you people hit the giant enemy crab for massive talents (what?).

It’s Memorial Day in the U.S. today. Happy it! Enjoy life!

Harvest: Massive Encounter Released

By: ARelativelyHotGirl

On: March 4th, 2008

Oxeye Studios – on top of being fine gentlemen – just released their award-winning RTS!

You can download the demo for Mac OSX or Windows here.

"<haowan> fuck awesome game"

The Sexy Car That Jumps

By: Lorne Whiting

On: February 19th, 2008

Courtesy of thewreck’s (of Oxeye Games fame) past comes this classic: Bilen Som Hoppar (The car that jumps!)

And woo-ee, is it a gooden. It’s pretty much Sexy Automobiling only sexier. That is, it contains small pictures of fellatio and dominatrices throughout the levels, hand-pixelled by 14 year old thewreck!

The other reason you should play it though, and the cause for the sexy hiking comparison, is the frustratingly bugged out physics engine, which is what causes the car to jump in the first place. Delicious!

Also, since I assume you read the part warning about the awesome pornographic material in it, here’s a direct download link:

And be not to forget to check out other thewreck games, like the glorious MMMN.

TIG Duels: a Game for Extraordinary Gentlemen

By: Derek Yu

On: December 19th, 2007

TIG Duels

TIG Duels is a game of urbane combat for gentlepeople of all ages! Grab a friend, duke, baron, baroness, earl, or marquis, and put your favorite TIGForums members in a civilized duel to find out who’s blood is the bluest.


– A damn fine game you can play with someone at the same keyboard (or mouse)!

– One-switch game mechanics (attacking/parrying controlled by a single button)

– 36 TIGForums members rendered in loving detail

– Advanced monocle physics engine made with steampunk technology

Between this and their extensive monocle-creation guide, the fellows at Oxeye Studios have proven themselves to be distinguished scholars of the highest calibre! Check out their latest game, Harvest: Massive Encounter, which is currently in open beta. It looks pretty great, natch.

(And join the bloody forums, already, will you?)