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Preview: Wizorb

By: Derek Yu

On: June 14th, 2011

Wizorb is an upcoming Breakout/RPG game from Jonathan Lavigne, the creator of Ninja Senki. It will be released on XBLIG and PC, with the price to be determined. Paul Robertson is helping out with the animations in the game.

Paul Robertson: Kings of Power 4 Billion %

By: Derek Yu

On: August 5th, 2007


Not exactly an indie game, but close enough and awesome enough that I must mention it. Paul Robertson, living legend in the pixel art community and creator of the insanely badass music video “”">Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006," has released a trailer for his new movie, called King of Power 4 Billion %. It’s in FULL COLOR.

Links: YouTube Trailer, High-Def Trailer (MOV)

I heard rumors a while back that he was involved in a game project, too, but I don’t know how true that is.