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By: Derek Yu

On: January 6th, 2009


Brilliant idea to make a game about explosive decompression, in my opinion. Evacuation is a collaboration between Benzido (QWOP, Too Many Ninjas), the master of the one-screen Flash game, and programmer Ryan Chisholm. The goal in each of Evacuation’s 200 levels is to eject all of the man-eating aliens from the space shuttle by opening and closing the various colored cargo doors on the ship. Just be careful not to fling your own crew members into space! And there are a couple of other catches: 1. opening or closing a door will toggle other, similarly-colored doors open or closed, and 2. you must keep the captain and all officers alive or else you lose.

Because the levels are procedurally-generated the difficulty can feel slightly indeterministic. But like all of Benzido’s games, Evacuation is fast and fun and very addictive.

TIGdb: Entry for Evacuation