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Twinsen Canceled, New Game Born

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: January 4th, 2009

Twinsen Screen
Twinsen, a super-stylish fan game I posted about ages ago+, has been canceled. But it’s not all bad news! The reason it was canceled is because its creators have grown and decided to lift the best elements from it and make a new, original game. (Best of luck to ya, guys!)

TakaM was kind enough to upload a final demo of the unfinished Twinsen, which you can find here.

I’m guessing information on the new game will be posted to TakaM’s blog, but I may be wrong.

+Gosh, my old posts are embarrassing… Not that I’m any better now.

Twinsen Pilot Episode Demo

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: December 13th, 2006

How many other games let you play with your magic balls?

About a month ago 4cr made a post about an indie game demo called Twinsen, which I guess is based on the Little Big Adventure games. The screenshot looked wonderful and everyone seemed to be drooling over the game, so I eagerly downloaded it.

I was immediately impressed. The title and credits were sharp, and although the story was pretty weak, it quickly moved on to the game, which was beautiful. I mean, real excellent art direction and effects while still maintaining the whole hand-pixelated feel. I thought to myself, I’m in for a treat.

Well, all good things must come to an end, as they say. The gameplay… was pretty rough. Clunky movement that made platforming particularly painful along with vague combat and a general aimlessness smothered any enjoyment I might have had.

But I’ll say it again — the art and art direction is excellent. Which is good, as the game’s artist is up for hire.

Check the demo out for yourself if you’d like.

EDIT: An updated version of the demo, including an additional level, is due very soon. Check this thread for more info. (Thanks Ithamore!)