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Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 1

By: Derek Yu

On: August 12th, 2008

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Homestar Ruiner

The first episode of Telltale Games’ Strong Bad game (for attractive people) was released yesterday, for PC and WiiWare. Titled “Homestar Ruiner,” the episode kicks off the all-new misadventures of Strong Bad, a popular character from the Homestar Runner cartoon. This episode can be yours for $8.95, or you can pre-order the entire 5-episode series for $34.95.

I haven’t tried it yet, but the 3d cel-shaded graphics look great and I’m hoping that Snake Boxer 5 is a playable Videlectrix game.

(Thanks, JimmyBignuts!)

TIGdb: Entry for Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

Where’s an Egg?

By: Derek Yu

On: July 17th, 2007

wheres an egg

Where’s an Egg? is one of those silly little Videlectrix games. That is to say, it’s made by the Homestar Runner guys. You may want to play the game cold, as I think part of the fun comes from having no idea what’s going on.

Otherwise, check the extended for a breakdown of what you’re supposed to be doing.

Spake ssfsx17 from the forums:

The gameplay basically consists of going to various locations and asking people about other people and their belongings, especially the egg. I find it to be a beautifully simple simulator of what it’s like to be a Soviet policeman – you can afford to kill two innocent people as long as you catch the culprit with your third bullet, and if you fail, you get sent to a gulag.