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Overgrowth Tools Video

By: Derek Yu

On: November 14th, 2009

Be forewarned, listening to John Graham’s voice has been known to cause wombs to spontaneously fill up with babies. Wolfire’s Overgrowth is a physics-based ninja rabbit fighting game that’s currently in development.

Wolfire Quits Overgrowth to Work on New Game

By: Derek Yu

On: April 1st, 2009

Small Tank

In what’s undeniably an intelligent and well-considered move, Wolfire Games have decided to drop their current project, Overgrowth, to work on Small Tank, a game that features a very small and cute tank. Although furry-lovers are bound to be angry over the switch, I think I respect Wolfire’s decision. Because quite frankly, the world isn’t yet ready for a rabbit with boobs that aren’t at least a D cup.

Gish Design Tour

By: Derek Yu

On: December 16th, 2008

David Rosen continues his tour with an oldie but goodie from Edmund McMillen: Gish! Although at his pace, it’s less of a tour and more of a rampage. This one’s real fun.

Speaking of Wolfire, if you want a free copy of Lugaru for Christmas, all you have to do is join the Overgrowth Facebook page.

Noitu Love Fanart

By: Derek Yu

On: November 12th, 2008

Noitu Love

I just noticed that there’s this amazing Noitu Love fanart on Joakim Sandberg’s website. Um, wow. I think I’m in love. With the artwork, that is, not… okay, yeah, I just fell for a video game character. That hasn’t happened to me since Phantasy Star II.

The artist is Halil Ural, aka MrDream.

And since I’ve still got some space left, you should also check out this samurai (pizza?) cat from Overgrowth, which is looking better and better every day.

More, eh? Digs furiously into pants. Alright, here’s a series of Mario/Cave Story mashup mockups from arundhir. Okay, that’s all I got. Go home, kid! I said, go home!

Tech: Overgrowth Terrain Generation

By: Derek Yu

On: October 8th, 2008

Berkeley Hills

Over at the Wolfire blog, updates are coming fast and furious about development of Overgrowth, also known as Lugaru 2. The latest update is a fairly lengthy discussion of how the team is thinking of generating realistic looking terrain for their game. A very interesting read… indeed.

On the art side, team artist Aubrey has posted a time-lapse video of himself working on one of his amazing conceptual pieces for the game!

Overgrowth can’t come soon enough, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the hell out of watching it develop.

(Thanks, wormguy!)

Black Shades

By: Derek Yu

On: August 28th, 2007

Black Shades

Wolfire Software’s Black Shades puts you in the role of a psychic bodyguard. Yeah, I know, that’s already pretty damn awesome, right? Well, the game itself does a good job of living up to its description, although it was made for a short deadline and it shows. It’s a full meal, just don’t expect a lot of gravy. The scoring system, for example, is pretty much vestigial, and level transitions are non-existent. And when the game ends, it just ends!

In each of Black Shades’ levels, a VIP dressed in white wanders around a randomized city. Also in the city are civilians and assassins, who are indistinguishable except for their weapons and movement patterns. Using your psychic powers (either “psychic aiming,” which slows down time, or “soul release” which lets you leave your body and scout out the area), weapons (a different one in each level), and physical moves you must protect the VIP from the assassins.

The game does a great job of making you feel like a psychic bodyguard with very basic graphics and simple game mechanics, and that’s really something. It’s so satisfying when you catch an assassin rushing in with a knife, only to plug him with your gun… or when you spy a sniper across the street, and knock over the VIP as a bullet whizzes over his head.

This game is made by the creator of Lugaru.

(Source: Soldat Movies)

Lugaru 2 updates

By: Lorne Whiting

On: July 20th, 2007

After several months of spending time on lame stuff like school and non-pretty game stuff, David of Wolfire Software decided to update the company blog.


First up is some purdy parallax mapping thing

Followed by a sky shader with a hint of pineapple:


Oh those crazy Wolfire dudes and their insane shader technologies.