Buy Pixel a DS

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: October 22nd, 2007


This has been in the works for a while, but Pixel has, according to RavenWorks, “finally relented in his Japanese politeness and is letting us buy him a DS!” Yeah!

I think it’s a wonderful gesture of appreciation to the man who single-handedly created the most ripped-off game in indie history. A man who asks for so little.

You can donate here (via PayPal), if you’re so inclined.

NOTE: All donations go toward getting Pixel a homebrew-ready DS.
Beyond that, any extra funds will be given to him in some thoughtful way.

  • BMcC


    Pixel: The Most Modest Man in Indie Games?

  • Terry

    Pixel: The Most Modest Man in Indie Games?

    Oh definitely. Modest right down to his chosen handle.

  • w3nd1

    What game did he make?

  • namuol

    w3nd1: assuming you’re serious, stop whatever you’re doing and start playing “Cave Story” right now.

  • Derek

    That cake cracks me up! :D

  • Mr. Trianglehead

    How has he made the most ripped off game ever? What he did rip off?

  • Mr. Trianglehead

    wait, or do you mean a lot of people have ripped off HIS game? I think I misread.

  • Derek
  • Eclipse

    DS sucks, buy him a gp2x f-200!!!!!

  • BreadCultist

    Other than The Underside, are there any other games that have been widely accused of being Cave Story rip-offs?

    I’m going to make my own Cave Story rip-off, soon!

  • haowan

    Cake Story. amriite

  • Sabreman

    Wait… I thought everyone in Japan had 5 DSes each already?

  • SuperFatDude

    Now he wants a DS but later what he’ll be up to? Maybe he’ll ask for just a little bit more: a playstation 3? And why not a quad core processor?

    Well I’m not against this. The men deserves it for sure. But why should be the donation to be something specific? I mean c’mon. The men can’t buy even a DS? Let there be a paypal button and the people who appreciate his work surely will donate, this is ok. But asking for a DS – crap, all this looks like a cheap way of earning money.

  • DrDerekDoctors

    I’m very much for this as Cave Story brought a lot of joy to me, and I’m all about the rewarding of joy.

  • Zulgaines


    People like him, like his free game, and throw him a few bucks when they find out he actually wants something.

    There’s no pressure on you or anyone else to donate, it’s their choice.

  • basara

    I hope this doesnt mean that pixel will start making DS-only games, that would break my heart. :'(

    He totally deserves a million free handheld consoles though.

  • Shih Tzu

    SuperHotChick: He’s not asking for it. He’s not even the one who wants it. The guy who’s writing the DS port of his game wants to give him a DS + homebrew hardware so that he’ll be able to try out the port for himself. That’s all.

  • Stwelin

    I think it’s a great greasture. I recently bought a DS and a homebrew flashcart. I would really love to donate, but I have no paypal account! ( or credit care with which to make one. :[ )

  • fish

    i recently had my DS and my copy of zelda i had bough 4 days prior stolen right out of my pocket!!!!!!!!

  • King-N

    If I could donate, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but alas, my current income is such that I couldn’t even spare a single cent.

  • BMcC

    It’s Dixel’s PS now!

  • moi

    I’m afffraid Pixel will have to tits show first.

  • Jer

    $10 to the indie god. Cheers!

  • Atramentis

    Another $10 usd to the indie god. Stupid Australian dollars being worth less. >_<

  • Guy1

    $2000 from me. :)

  • gagaga

    No guys, you are not getting it, the problem is not the money to get a DS, the problem is FINDING a DS in japan (they are sold out), that’s why he’s asking exactly for that…

  • Kairos

    lmao @ moi.

  • wormguy

    When you buy it you guys should give it a Balrog paint job.

  • BMcC

    Gagaga: He is _not_ asking for a DS. This is entirely the community’s idea. He’s resisted even letting us get him one ’til now.

    Wormguy: RavenWorks said he’d like to do that if there’s extra funds. :)

  • negative zero

    @ gagaga:

    you’re kidding, they’re sold out!? and in japan!?!? i mean, it’s freakin’ japan, man!!1

  • Tim

    BMcC, how come you never donated t me when I asked for donations…. :`(

  • ADess

    Do not buy me a ferrari, please do not !
    Resist, refuse ^^

    I’ve also created free open-sources softwares and i even been more modest than him since nobody know them ^^ Does this give me the right to get something from the community ?

    Like i don’t know, GP2X-F200 ?

    It’s funny, but hell, do what you want with your money since you earn it so hardly :) Mine goes toward my goddess rather than a DS ^^

  • FireSword

    How old (age) is Pixel?

  • axel

    Perhaps he doesn’t _want_ to play his game on the DS? You know, it’s like the way people in the music business say they never listen to their own music, because they’re so fed up after hearing it thousands of times over again in-studio. A bit like Pixel spent four years working on Cave Story ;)

    But yeah, he deserves the money anyway. And that cake is made of win!

  • BMcC

    Tim: What?! When did you need money? I’d gladly make a retroactive donation…

    ADess: I’m not sure I fully understand your post, but it’s AWESOME.

    FireSword: Thirty, I think. Or thirty-something.

    axel: I’m pretty sure it’s made of flour and sugar. ;)

  • fartron

    This just in, I’ve finally relented, and I’m letting you all buy me a DS too. Feel free to put announce this on the front page Derek, editors. No need to thank me, just send cash.

  • Melly

    No, please, don’t send me all three major consoles plus 10 good games for each! Don’t!

    Did it work?

  • Sabreman

    Nope, because there aren’t ten good games for all the major consoles.

  • BMcC

    Fartron, others: Sure. Made any Cave Stories lately?

  • Tim

    I think the donation thing is great, but this DS idea is totally silly.

    Just send the money to Pixel and let him do whatever he wants with it. It’s not like the guy doesn’t have legs or whatever; or maybe he wants an XBox 360, PS3 or Wii? $321 is enough to buy any of those three.

    He made Cave Story, so I doubt he wants to play a port of it. If it’s money, send it to the guy. Don’t buy him a console. If you have a DS at home and it hasn’t seen much use, send it to his mailing address.

  • Calanctus

    Uhh, I don’t know on which planet you can get any kind of PS3 for just $321, but it’s not Earth.

    Heck, that’s not even going to get you a 360 that isn’t a Core, and nobody wants a Core.

  • Tim

    I could correct the statement by adding ‘nearly enough’, but I won’t because I don’t like you. :)

  • TakaM

    why is it silly?
    it’s so pixel can check the progress of cave story DS first hand if he wants, and I’m sure he’d get a demo whenever he asks (though, probably never)

  • Eclipse

    cave story is also on gp2x, and it’s a lot better than the ds porting…
    f200 have also touchscreen.. and it’s a completely opensource platform! why the hell they wants to buy a ds? BUY HIM A GP2X NOT A F*CKING BLIND PLATFORM LIKE THE DS!!! :D

  • Hiphip

    The best thing about Open Source folk is how rationally they present their arguments.

  • BMcC


  • meh

    We’re not all like that, though.

  • Sonic

    It’s true, I looked for so long for a DS here in Japan (several months) that I ended up buying one on a trip to the US…

  • Jer

    The internet… it’s… it’s full of assholes!

  • Eclipse

    unfortunaly i’m not mostly an opensource folk, i’m mainly a game programmer in a small software house.

    I’m not going to explain here how and why will be better for the indie scene to change route from handhelds like ds to something like gp2x because it will take a lot and not much people will be interested in this… but all can be simplyfied like this: Nintendo and sony keep the homebrew scene underground like piracy, GPH lives for the gp2x community, so it’s better to think how to hack a firmware or it’s better to give a chance at an “indie hardware developer”?

    I just think that the indie scene must walk with their own legs and not just stay under the ass of sony or nintendo.
    If you’re not with me just give some bucks at nintendo to play cave story on an hacked ds