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Kickstart This: La-Mulana 2

By: Alehkhs

On: February 11th, 2014

La-Mulana 2

Fans of La-Mulana rejoice: Indie dev team NIGORO has a sequel in the works and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its development!

The direct sequel to the Steam-and-WiiWare remake of the first game, La-Mulana 2 follows the adventures of Lumisa Kosugi, daughter of the first game’s curry-loving protagonist, Lemeza Kosugi. This time around, players will guide Lumisa through the ruins of Eg-Lana, which will have Norse mythology serve as a motif. Promising more of the deviously-designed traps, puzzles, and boss fights that made the first game so great, NIGORO also wants the sequel to be “a fresh new experience for people who enjoyed the first game, while also giving newcomers a chance to enjoy the series without being forced to play La-Mulana first.”

The game’s Kickstarter campaign has just 11 days left and has raised nearly 90% of its funding goal in pledges, so if you would like to see a sequel to La-Mulana, head on over to the campaign page and help them leap past their goal.

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La-Mulana Returns to PC on July 13

By: Alehkhs

On: July 6th, 2012

Retro-inspired platformer and puzzler La-Mulana will be returning to its PC roots next week.

Priced at $15 USD, the PC version of this remake will include the Hell Temple and Attack Mode features that were made available as DLC on the WiiWare version, as well as support easy modification of the game.

La-Mulana will be available at the launch of Playism’s new English site on July 13, 2012. The original game can still be downloaded for free however, so be sure to check it out in the meantime!

La Mulana Website

By: Derek Yu

On: August 14th, 2009

La Mulana

The Wii port of NIGORO’s La Mulana has a full site now, with information about the game and a blog (available in English or Japanese). The blog updated by the La Mulana staff, who say “Don’t think of this site as simple a general site for information to be released little-by-little. Think of it as a way to exchange ideas between the developers and fans. This official site is here with a purpose.”

La-Mulana – Coming Winter 2009

By: Xander

On: July 27th, 2009

Did it just get awesome in here?


By: Derek Yu

On: July 24th, 2009

La Mulana

La Mulana

La Mulana

See: Nigoro and Nicalis Make Friends <3

(Source: enigmaopoeia_, via Madam Luna_’s Livejournal post, through Paul Eres’s Twitter)

La Mulana coming to WiiWare?

By: Xander

On: July 23rd, 2009


Apparently this month’s Nintendo Power has a preview of La Mulana amongst its WiiWare pages. On top of this a new section on the Nigoro site appeared showing this countdown clock. I do so hate countdown clocks. However I’m sure a WiiWare port with some less alienating graphics wouldn’t be a bad idea, and this is only the start of the waiting the prospective purchasers will have to endure so we may as well start now.

Of course, you’ve already played the original game anyway. Right?

(This is in no way myself avoiding getting round to reviewing ‘Splosion Man. Not at all. Also, source: "Diverse’s Blog":

Repost x 9: La-Mulana

By: Tim

On: May 27th, 2007

La Mulana is a sprawling sidescrolling adventure which can be both brutally difficult, yet immensely satisfying. Tons of puzzles and traps abound, along with all sorts of goodies.

It’s rather difficult at the start, but it gets a bit easier when you get some health upgrades and the Grail so you can teleport out in a sticky situation, and teleport back, once you’ve read certain tablets. Refer to the first three La-Mulana LPs for instructions on getting the Grail.

The graphics were done completely retro, in the style of an MSX game. And one of your most important items, is your handy MSX computer. Now, with your trusty whip, journey into the ruins of La Mulana.

Screenshots, game, and translation patch available here:

New Bitmap Image (5)

Getting the horn from outside the ruins will let you know when you’ve solved a puzzle – more helpful than you might think, since a puzzle on one screen might change something multiple screens away.

Starting advice – first things first, get money to get the Game Master cartridge, to be able to save your game at the village elder, and a hand scanner. Break pots on the surface to find some money, but the money in those pots doesn’t respawn – and it’ll take too long to get money from the enemies – it’s best to head into the ruins once you’ve gotten all the money available on the surface. Money and items in pots inside the ruins will respawn when you load your saved game, and each pot always has the same thing in it, be it money, weights, or weapon ammo. The Glyph Reader is important to get as well.

(review by Zaratus)