By: Derek Yu

On: May 23rd, 2006


With Chronon, Eyezmaze continues to promote the offensive stereotype that Japanese people are “wacky” and “crazy” and “make very innovative video games.” Similar to Grow and Grow RPG (also on the Eyezmaze site), this time-based puzzler has you manipulating objects at various times in the day to rescue someone imprisoned in a monster’s lair. What you do at one time period will affect other periods. Things must be done out of order to win the game.

See Jay is Games for the complete walkthrough (you stinking cheater).

(Source: Jay is Games)

  • Advenith

    Wow… difficult game. Oh, and it’s nice to see my favorite site back!

  • Hunty

    OMG!!! Tigsource is back! Yay!!!!

  • Moschops

    Yay! TIGS is back. Are the forums comming back too? I don’t see a link.