By: Tim

On: June 2nd, 2006


One among many of dessgeega’s releases this year, Invader is an exploration number which can be described as Space Invaders turned upside down.

You play the role of Sammie the alien, stranded on an unfamiliar world after crash landing her craft. She must search for an escape route, hidden somewhere in a labyrinth full of strange creatures and automations bent on vaporizing anything that crosses their paths.

Fortunately the two blasters she wields can be used to destroy some of these obstacles. Others can only be avoided, though certain destinations may have more than one route available.

There are a few secrets and unlockables worth earning, revealed only if you manage to find the exit and complete the game. An excellent freebie with plenty of bonuses and extras. Thanks again, dess!

  • null

    won’t run on my PC, just like that, no error messages or nothing, I know loading times are long, I waited like 15 minutes and still nothing. Gamemaker sucks, get Multimeda Fusion next time.

  • Noyb

    Fun game! The rooms are well designed and the gameplay is tight. I also appreciate same-room respawning, as you could have artificially inflated the difficulty by alot. Having the soundtrack as a downloadable secret is a nice touch.

  • DrPetter

    While the game did run (although I thought it didn’t at first and was surprised when it suddenly popped up like a minute later), it was very slow.
    Also: “ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for object obj_continue: Error reading real.” followed by countless similar ones, when I tried to continue a saved game just now.
    (trying again)
    Hmm, now I got error messages when just going to the main menu, and some options were missing.
    The game runs a lot faster now though, seems playable. I’ll have a go :)

    (imho it looks like a waste spending effort on a gamemaker production if you have to put up with these kinds of problems… try finding something better)

  • DrPetter

    Yay, I invaded and I escaped! I have no idea why the game acted up before, but this time it worked flawlessly.
    (that last… challenge… was horrible though, horrible but clever ;))

  • Moschops

    Worked just fine for me. I played it through both directions. It was a bit mean in places but on the whole worth a try for anyone who hasn’t yet done so.

  • Teeth

    Not a blinking secret anymore is it? Noyb? Is it? :)

  • Teeth

    This game is good, old-school fun. The music makes me happy. Exploring is fun.