Small Arms

By: Derek Yu

On: July 6th, 2006

Small Arms is another up-and-coming XBLA game, by the fine folks who brought you Fuzzee Fever. Yeah, no, I haven’t played Fuzzee Fever either. That’s got to be one of the worst names for a game, ever. It’s just so… gamey. And not in the good way, like “Contra” or “Donkey Kong.”

Anyway, it looks to be kind of a cross between Metal Slug and Super Smash Bros., which is a pretty good idea. A dozen or so characters, a dozen or so levels, and probably a dozen or so weapons… I could have some fun with a game like this.

Small Arms


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K1lla’s Xbox Domain (?!)

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  • Thrills Killa

    Hey, the third interview link is my blog. It’s called K1lla’s Xbox Domain.

    Take care.

  • Derek

    Whups. Me am a gut games journalist.