Apple Reveals iPod Games

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 13th, 2006

iPod -- Now with games!Greetings! My name is Brandon McCartin, latest and greatest most recent editor here at Ye Olde TIGSource.

Not to bump down the more exciting news, but I’ve got to break the ice with something. So, um… bump?

At its big media event yesterday, Apple revealed, in addition to increasingly microscopic iterations of its various products, some exciting news for prospective owners of the fifth-generation iPod and indie game developers alike. Videogames! On your iPod!

The games may be downloaded through iTunes 7 for a reasonable (in this case, $5) fee, just like MP3s in the days of yore. The “intuitive Click Wheel” is used as a controller.

The games featured in Apple’s announcement include gaming classics Tetris and Pac-Man, casual hits Bejeweled and Zuma, and real world favorites Texas Hold ’Em and Mahjong.

Now if Apple would only make an open SDK available…

  • Albert Lai

    You forgot to post that Aquaria would be available on the new iPod system! Jesus Christ, talk about missing the important things!

    (Zuma and Bejeweled? Why not… something that’s new, for chrissakes?)

    Joking aside – welcome to the team! Bring your own style, but leave the automatic weapons behind.

  • BMcC

    Alas, that is the only style I know…

    (Thank you!)

  • Dan MacDonald

    Apparently the platform is J2ME, yuck.

  • BMcC

    Aww, icky…

  • Shabadage

    I hate that damned click wheel. I hate the pressure sensitive buttons on the Creative Zen too.

    A Very cool thing though, go apple.

  • alex

    apple brought out the big guns! but i dont know if i really want to play games on my ipod

  • Koach

    Hello BMcC! I was already wondering when the first regulars at Dereks blog would get enlisted here. :)
    Actually I was always thinking that you were one of the most reasonable posters at Dereks blog, so I am looking forwars to your TIGSource posts. ;)

  • BMcC

    Hey Koach!

    Thank you very much! Your comment brightened my day. (In a totally straight way, I swear!)