Aquaria Teaser #1

By: Derek Yu

On: October 8th, 2006


When the God of Indie Games Journalism requests something, you give it to him, by himiny!

Here’s a little teaser video that shows off some of the gameplay in the first part of Aquaria. Some of you were wondering how things move ingame. Hopefully this will convince you that it’s pretty fluid (har har)!

We mention on the game’s site that we’re using voicework in lieu of text-based dialogue (which you have to sit and click through). You’ll hear some of that in there, also. The actress is Jenna Sharpe, and the work she’s done for Aquaria is fantastic.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this little glimpse at the game (still in progress)! As we get closer to our expected release date, you can expect a lot more media and info.

  • Cycle

    this site was way better before it became a commercial for the little mermaid

  • Noyb

    The trailer looks fantastic! Looking forward to when it’s playable for the masses.

  • mushu

    Yeah that teaser vid looks exactly like the Little Mermaid… what with the broadway songs, cute fish sidekick, giddy romance, Rene Auberjonois as a psycho chef and all that dancing.

    I also loved that part in the Little Mermaid when she killed a bunch of things in a big particle explosion.

  • Cycle

    you obviously haven’t played the little mermaid game.

    it’s WAY violent. I’ll never look at tuna the same way again.

  • dessgeega

    that was really nice of you to hire a voice actor and put together a professionally made trailer in one day just because tim asked you.

  • Advenith

    Wow… Pretty! I can’t look away from the shiny things…

  • lex500

    fuck me that looks good.

  • Hmm

    There’s something about the way the main character moves that’s just really wrong. It’s jerky, spastic, where I’d expect something very smooth.

  • Albert Lai

    I do have to agree with Cycle (not that I’m frowning upon Aquaria). Everyone, tone down the pandering to Derek. Right? Right.

    That being said, Aquaria looks kick-ass.

  • Derek

    Yeah, guys, no need for a link to the game in non-related posts. :)

    That said, I hope it’s not a huge deal if I do a post every now and then when there’s something to show, like a development diary or a video. It just seems dumb not to…

    Btw, Alec Holowka, the co-designer and programmer for the game, is the one who put the teaser together.

  • Sergio

    Looks OK…

  • Ryan A

    Very nice! I’m impressed, Derek. And I don’t think posting Aquaria news is offtopic at TIGSource either. It is, after all, an indie game, and the more TIGS is updated, the better in my opinion :). Plus, little developer diaries are interesting, (like moonpods).

  • Tim W.

    It’s better to write about a great game than ten average ones, right guys? :)

    Now let’s sacrifice some virgins in the name of Derek.

  • Fost

    Looks really beautiful. Nothing wrong with comparison’s to the Little Mermaid either – I love that film!

    PS: are you using anything in particular to stream the video? I keep meaning to look into flash streaming methods that don’t require communication server…

  • Gurrah

    I can’t help it, but any game that features something Nautilus-like has got me by the hojos.

  • BMcC

    That’s funny, I don’t remember requesting anything…

  • The Arsecast Host

    Personally I’m over the moon to see a video of Aquaria. I think that had the original article been posted with La Mulana mentioned first (and it’s logo as the image) and Aquaria as a second there’d be far few complaints. And I know for a fact that Tim wasn’t put up to this or anything as it was me bitching and moaning about the lack of a La Mulana translation that probably gave rise to the post in the first place. For which I apologise.

  • NO!

    Looks good and all, think carefuly if you can add gamepad support, I work all day on the computer and using a mouse to play a game, especialy an action oriented one, is a HELL NO-NO!!1!! You must know what I’m talking about, Yu.

    Also, you better, guys, DO the proper marketing and promotion of this game, I don’t wanna read a post everyday whining on how the game was great but didn’t sell well, so indie gamers suck for that, and damn the gaming grannies, and Popcap, and bla bla and etc.

    Good luck!

  • Alec

    Joystick support’s been in for a while, it just needs some (a lot of) work. :D

  • ryan in exile

    gimme a downloadable trailer!

  • Ilia Chentsov

    The girl opening her eyes at the end looks extra spooky!

  • The Arsecast Host

    Ooh, the video teaser has turned up on GameTrailers! That’ll get a few more hits.

  • PoV

    That’s freaking great. Nice work Derek and co.

  • Shinji16

    Holy shit…