Has TIGSource Jumped the Shark?

By: ARelativelyHotGirl

On: November 2nd, 2006



  • Derek


  • Michal

    No. This is a great site…You guys rock. Fonzie sucks.

  • rss kid

    go gotta fix the rss feed though. the same articles showing up in thunderbird over and over again.

  • Albert Lai

    Why is this article here?

  • Alan Gordon

    I don’t think it’s jumped the shark so much as it has been really dumb the last couple days.

  • Andrew

    It’s seems that each next news is getting shorter and shorter…

    I guess I know what the next one will be:


  • PoV

    This is one of those Jouralism as art examples… isn’t it? :P

  • EoS

    TIGSource editors deserve to be in the top 50 game journalists. Fuck whoever wrote that next-gen article.

  • Sergio

    It was better before it did the whole shutdown thing, you know, when it was TIGSource 2.0. So yes. Well, no, because it can concievably get much better.

    I still love it.



  • anonymous

    In Soviet Russia, that is?



  • Sergio

  • http://www.arsecast.com The Arsecast Host

    I prefer TIGsource when it’s posting about palpable things which I can then download and play. Development stuff like Torque or XNA or things which are still just inside the heads of their authors don’t really interest me so much.

  • -B-

    Addition to Active Development Watchlist:


    “The point of this blog is I try to crank out an experimental game every month. I was inspired by Experimental Gameplay Project, so I try to follow their rules. Basicly this means that every game I create I have to make within 7-day limit, they have to made by me alone and they have to test some new form of gameplay.”

    Already 3 games made. Very interesting read.

  • Mr Flitter

    You gotta keep it interesting! You might get stupid feedback with posts like this but it doesn’t give us what we want – interesting news about cutting edge IG stuff. We can go visit gametunnel if we want the bread and butter list of games but this place is where it’s at (sometimes!). Thanks for your work…

  • PoV

    Free Willy!

  • http://www.TScreative.net BMcC

    *O, look what I hath wrought!*

    (Actually, surprisingly positive comments here. I may escape the lynch mob yet!)

    P.S. — This post is SO meta.

  • NO!

    Tim’s Blog > TIGSource, IMHO, and he’s a one man army, you are like 20 fuckers and can’t even get close to compete. Go timmy, go! :)

  • Alec-Xander

    I think we’ve just had a slow couple of weeks. Especially with the disappointment of that gold miner game (I don’t even remember what it was called now..)

    Still, things are looking up. Rather nice flash game over here (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/347467) by Florian Himsl, who also made the oddly fun ‘Tri-pong’. Why mention it here? It’s an innovotive physics based platformer with Edmund McMillen as the Graphics Designer, need I say more? (The music is swell too, I just don’t know who that guy is…heh)

  • Will

    dudes, you rock so like keep it up, keep on groovin in the world

  • http://null/ NO!

    Its hard for me to admit this, but without TIGSource my life would have no meaning.

  • xvs07

    I think this is just a low-output time for indie game development right now, hence the editors here are facing a shortage of noteworthy news. I’m sure lots of badass stuff is right around the corner, though. You just wait ’til 2007..

  • some anonymous poster who is totally not BMcC

    i think the editors are doing a great job and also totally rock all the time

  • http://rav.realitybytes.tk ravuya

    TIGSource rules; it’s been one of my life’s goals to get one of my games on here.