By: dessgeega

On: December 4th, 2006


nifflas, developer of within a deep forest, has just released a new game: knytt.

the titular knytt is a little pixel ratmonkey who shimmies along walls trying to find the pieces of the spaceship that can take it back home. the pieces are just an excuse to explore a beautiful videogame landscape. the jumping and climbing puzzles that are here are simple and straightforward; the real goal is simply to find and see lovely things.

i’m posting this because i think some of you will love it and some of you will hate it. download already, nifflas is your pixel from the west.

  • Teeth

    “nifflas is your pixel from the west.”

    He certainly is. Thanks for the link.

  • BMcC

    Ooh, awesome. I was under the impression this wasn’t coming out for a while, for some reason.


  • Tim

    welcome back. :)

    pixel is your bernie from the east, and nifflas is your clysm from sweden. ;)

  • NO!

    So how about those real women?

  • randal

    NO! is the pixel on my bum.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Look at all these peanuts in this glass case.

  • Borax

    How much?

  • Moschops

    The was cool … I liked some of the details you often don’t get in things like these. Like the swaying trees and the little people and animals going about their business. My only gripe was having to trudge all the way back to the spaceship after getting all the items, it’s a long long way!

  • raigan

    i thought the player’s animations and movement were excellent.. they really felt smooth and fun.

  • devin

    This game is pretty great! I love the incorporation of Within a Deep Forests’s overworld.

  • debaser

    moschops: funny, that was one of my favorite things, going all the way back and getting a brief look at all of the different worlds i just finished exploring.

    So did anyone find either of the secrets? There’s two “?” blocks if you look in the credits, and I did find one strange warp level, but i don’t think i wound up finishing it.

  • BenH

    I loved this game. Normally I’m not one for playing games where you gotta go around searching for stuff (I have the attention span of a gnat), but all the different enviroments were so well made I couldn’t help but keep looking around.

  • Triple T

    I think Nifflas has gone too far with making the game easy – Knytt isn’t _fun_ anymore. (I’m comparing it to WaDF and its prequels – excellent games.) But I still like it, the music and the graphics are great and the basic controls don’t seem to have flaws. With almost no dialogues and no frustrating parts, it seems to be just much more beginner/children oriented.

  • Teeth

    What’s your problem actually? Are you sore because people were impersonating you before? I’d like you to know it wasn’t me, in case you’re trying to get some kind of retribution for that.

    To think I defended you at the time.

  • BMcC

    OK, this is getting ridiculous.

  • NOT BMcC

    Stop now.

  • Teeth

    Thank you NOT BMcC

  • BMcC

    Ohhhhh good. :)

  • randal

    Feels good, donnit.

  • Sergio

    “pixel is your bernie from the east, and nifflas is your clysm from sweden.”

    Where does that leave Bogo, huh?

  • http://null/ Teeth

    What the hell with the clones? stop it already!

  • Tim

    yup, it’s getting annoying

  • Derek


  • Bongo

    where does that leave me? *cries*

  • NO!

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  • Joe

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  • Jim

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