Pixel’s Upcoming Shooter

By: Tim

On: January 23rd, 2007


Right, I was a little ambiguous when composing that last article – so here it is again. A collection of screenshots from Pixel’s shooter, which would normally disappear forever when it’s taken down from his desktop page. If I’m not mistaken, the collage above previews four out of the five stages to be found in his upcoming release.

Gives a good idea of what he’s been working on. Details about where to download the soundtrack to this shooter can be acquired from the other post.

And while we’re on the subject of games which uses very little colors…

  • Sergio

    What? Racist games?

    I think the first and fourth screenshots look like the same stage to me. I could be wrong.

  • pixelizr

    I see Star Soldier eyes.

  • CrazyLady

    I see a racist piece of equipment you call a game.

  • pixelizr

    Hmmm I probably missed something here, or maybe I’m not from your locale… but can anyone explain what exactly is racist here?

  • Shih Tzu

    Pixel is excluding certain colors from his game’s palette. This is understandable, though still not condonable, if one’s aware of the cultural context in which the development is taking place; Japan is such a racially homogeneous society that it never even occurs to most developers to consider the effects of color-based exclusion on minorities, because the minorities are so few as to be rendered culturally invisible.

  • null

    racist? that is the most retarded bullshit i have ever heard of. are color-blind people neo-nazis now?

  • Xander

    For once I can’t actually tell whether they’re being serious or not >.>

  • Sergio

    Read the last line again, and try to interpret it in a horribly incorrect manner.

  • haowan

    Do you see what you’ve done Sergio? Do you see? :)

  • moi

    It’s funny that the color he extracted from is game is actually the color yellow…

  • http://failrate.com failrate

    I’m guessing Ikaruga was developed by the Klan, then? Oh, wait, no.

  • haowan

    Yes it was!!!!!!