By: Tim

On: March 4th, 2007


Echoes is an arena shooter by Binary Zoo which consists of ten levels, with a different enemy type introduced on every new stage. Each have their unique strengths, weaknesses and require various strategies to deal with effectively.

The player loses energy when collision with an adversary could not be avoided. Remaining energy is shown as a counter on the top right of the screen, also indicated by the colored ring surrounding your ship. There are only three different power-ups to collect. One increases firepower, the other restores health while the third is a sort of bomb.

Zoots awards are handed out whenever a certain task is completed, with current achievements available to peruse via the trial accomplishment screen. To get a perfect score, all ten objectives must be attempted at the highest difficulty.

(Source: TFM)

  • Pondwater

    Perfection. Addictive. Lots of sparks and fragments.

    I’m having a lot of fun with this. And the length of each game is just right – less than 15 minutes – so it’s a very convenient coffee break game too.

    The Zoo trials especially, just make me want to keep trying again and again. Haha.

  • BenH

    I find it quite addictive!

  • Heavy Stylus

    Asteroids… Rocks.

  • Aubrey

    I do like these chaps’ games. There’s a real show of understanding of the craft here.

  • Splinter of Chaos

    Someone needs to get a screen recorder and put this game on youtube. While on the subject, anyone know of a good screen recorder (free)?

  • Necronom

    Extremely beautiful and addictive! The music blends perfectly with the whole game and the trial thing is add to the motivation. This is my favourite…yes, even better than Kenta Cho’s stuff which imo is also ace!

  • hdf

    ihr spasten

  • die freundin

    hdf hdf.. notgeil?… halt die fresse .. halt die fresse

  • die freundin

    nee wieso