Penumbra: Overture Went Gold A While Ago

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: April 11th, 2007

From the screenshot, I gather it's a lot like Nintendogs.

I meant to post this ages ago, but then… things. So here it is NOW!

Penumbra: Overture is the first in a trilogy of full, commercial followups to the 3D horror game/demo Penumbra.

I’d probably have a bit more to say about the game if it would run on my (shoddy) laptop. But it doesn’t. The screenshots and trailers look sweet, though!

Discover a demo here.

  • Akhel

    This looks awesome, these guys are doing an amazing work there. Too bad my computer can’t handle the game.

  • Derek

    Scary ass screenshot!

  • penumbro

    Have you guys tried the demo? I have to say I’m surprised at how well it runs on my craptacular rig. I play in 800×600 or whatever, but with all the fancy stuff turned on, so it looks pretty good and runs pretty smoothly.

    Haven’t played it that much yet, I ran into a wolf or something, got scared and quit the game. But it seems fun, with great physics and very moody graphics. It’s obviously not a big budget production, but it’s very well done.

    Nice with the colour manual as well. Considering the low price I feared they’d drop the manual alltogether (as some publishers do), but that wasn’t the case fortunately.

  • Lackey

    “I ran into a wolf or something, got scared and quit the game.”

    Ha, if you’re playing the demo that’s the end of it!

    I’m going to get this soon, I enjoyed the demo a bunch.

  • mut

    so this is the same engine as call of cthulhu? sure looks like it… nice effort


    Dis game sux0r5

  • Al3xand3r

    It’s their own engine used in the older tech demo/freeware Penumbra title and what matters is not how it looks (though it looks pretty damn sweet) but how it plays with most everything in the game world being physics based while the interaction with the objects being both easy and intuitive. Try it, it’s free to do that.

  • penumbro

    lackey: no, I’m playing the full game, I just wondered if people who thought it wouldn’t run on their system had tried the demo, because in my experience it isn’t actually a very demanding game (my graphics card is pretty much the cheapest you can get, costs about half of what a full-price PC-game costs over here, and it runs Penumbra without problems, though in a low res).

  • penumbro

    I care way too much actually.

  • BMcC

    See, my laptop doesn’t exactly _have_ a graphics card…

  • gum

    This is the best adventure game I’ve played since… the adventure parts in The Chronicles of Riddick.

  • BMcC

    Yeah, once my new burner arrives, I’ma give it at try on my PC, I think.

  • DrDerekDoctors

    It ran smoothly on my Centrino 1.5Ghz laptop with a Radeon Go or summat in it, but it looked like crap.

  • Carlosfocker

    I was surprised at the quality of this game. The end of the demo scared the crap out of me. As soon as the Linux port is done I’m buying it.