Data’s Getting Married!

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: April 27th, 2007

Sorry ladies - he's taken.
To a woman! (Presumably.)

From the Cortex Command dev log:

“There’s a reason for the unusually long gap between builds: wedding here in the tropics tomorrow, then honeymoon somewhere else. I’ll be back in business in a couple of weeks – although I’m still sneaking in some work on the laptop when ideas for the new collision response algorithms strike!”

What wonderful news — congratulations, Dan! I hope it goes beautifully. You have all our best wishes.

And enjoy your trip! Don’t think about games too much, man. They’ll still be here when you get back. ;)

Now, I wonder if Arne will return to BQ in the meantime… :P

EDIT: Actually, he’s already married and on his honeymoon, it seems.
Well, congrats again I say!

  • BMcC

    And so begins my subtle transformation of TIGSource into a gossip blog…

    Next up, Derek’s Favourite Food. I’ll give you a hint: It’s poop!

  • BenH

    Mmm.. poop

  • Shih Tzu

    Tip: I spotted Jenova Chen at the Home Depot. He was examining different makes of drill bits. I started to take pictures, but his security heavies showed up and took my camera!

  • Xander

    It’s an english delicacy, poop covered poop with poop filling. We call ’em “Shittles”.

  • Isador21

    This is awesome! My favorite game dev after Hampa is getting married! God, these guys manage to program *AND* have a life!!
    How the hell … ???

  • Derek

    _wipes poop off mouth_

    Congrats, Dan! What a great guy! :D

  • Akhel

    Awesome, congratulations! :)

  • Derek

    Btw, when you release your marriage game, I hope it’s a lot more fun than Ron Humble’s! ;)

    (It better involve guns.)

  • Derek
  • haowan

    gratz dan!

  • Dan MacDonald

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…

  • siiseli

    gratses :D

  • Matthew

    For the curious!

    Technically they got married two weeks ago in the states (unceremoniously in front of a judge). Then, they went to the Bahamas for the ceremony. Dan’s parents flew out from Sweden, Beth’s from the states. Now they’re off to a swanky all-inclusive resort for the honeymoon.

    And I’m stuck watching their cats. Speaking of which, I haven’t been there in three days…suppose I should do that today ;)

  • ME

    So, who is this guy?

  • siiseli

    he is your new god

  • BMcC


    C’mon, use _context clues_, man. :P

    Data == Daniel Tabar == Creator and lead developer of Cortex Command.

  • pooples

    In my world Data == Brent Spiner, and he’s already married.

  • Data

    Ok I knew that photo would come back and haunt me!@#$!%

    Anyway, just got back from honeymoon and all is well… thanks (i guess) for the post!