By: Derek Yu

On: May 12th, 2007


Hey, guys… I was in the midst of a spam-deleting berserk rage and I accidentally deleted an entire page of real comments. Sorry about that! The spam on the site has been kind of ridiculous lately – I’m going to look into it (i.e. I’m going to get Jeff to look into it). Fucking spam. FUCK!

Hey, I know… in order to reaffirm my faith in humanity, how about if everyone posts something nice in the comments? Something that doesn’t have anything to do with spam or porn or the Bang Bus.

  • Derek

    Tim W. is the man.

  • haowan

    I once sat on top of a hill in the Lake District and marvelled at the view. The grass was tipped with dew and the sun was shining through the treetops above me. I was eating lunch.

  • CB

    Hope you guys get that spam stuff filtered out. We had the same problems on my website too.

  • Albert Lai

    I love you guys! Today I stopped and gave the right of way to someone who, actually, didn’t have it!

    My car was nearly rear-ended, but s’allright.

  • http://www.distractionware.com Echo

    I mentioned this in the forums, but figured I should mention it again:


    According to my stats, “Bad Behavior has blocked 317 access attempts in the last 7 days”. Given that I only get about five hits a day that seems unlikely, but whatever, heh.

    Ah, right, yes, something that doesn’t have anything to do with spam… Well, let’s see… Oh! I watched the Eurovision song contest this evening! We finished last, but we sorta deserved to, so it’s ok…

    Ukraine aught to have won instead of Serbia – they had an accordian player whereas Serbia did not have an accordian player.

  • Eric

    Change the file names of all the files in your site and alter the files to link to the new names and everything. This will confuse the spam bots and they will stop.

  • Mazapán

    Or you could set up a captcha?

  • moi

    Just saw sunshine in the cinema, it’s a rather good movie but I was a bit disappointed by the ending.
    The main protagonist in particular should have known that using viagrilex 500 would have enabled him to grow his pen|s to a spectacular size, turn it into a deadly weapon and get rid of the enemy with ease.
    Viagrilex 500 will never let you down, be it in space or on good old earth.

  • Shorn

    What’s wrong with the bangbus? Hahah… although, spam is very annoying, yes. I can’t stand it, I’ve gone through several email addresses due to spam attacks, and I’ve had to tell all my–Hormel Foods, the makers of SPAM, the luncheon meat, is good-natured about the use of their trademarked name for unsolicited email. They only ask that we use spam in all lower case for the email and save SPAM in all upper case for their product. Visit their Web site, http://www.spam.com, which celebrates “The one in good taste.” There’s even a SPAM fan club and, of course, SPAM “stuff”, including SPAM boxer shorts if you’re so inclined.

  • Sergio

    I say we should welcome our spambot brethren. Ahoy there!

  • integral

    rofl tetsuo iron man FTW

  • siiseli

    ukrain shoudda won :(

  • penumbro

    Bus Driver (http://www.busdrivergame.com/) would have been so much better if we’d be allowed to drive the bang bus.

  • http://ptoing.net ptoing

    Dunno if someone suggested this already, but how about one of those random garbled Number/Letter images for confirmation? That should keep bots away and I at least would have no problem to type 5 or 6 chars extra.

  • Anthony Flack

    Something nice? Well… nice for me: I bought a Sega Mega CD (with attached Mega Drive II) yesterday for 300 yen. They used to cost 50,000 yen, so this represents a great victory for me over the people of the past. Take that, past-ies!

    Soon, the past shall take its revenge as I immerse myself in the oddball games from that twilight era when people weren’t sure whether the future was all about sprites, polygons or grainy 3/4-sized FMV.

  • Rz.


  • Tim

    get your mermaid porn right here :D

  • Optrirominiluikus

    Hey! I watched Tetsuo last night, how did you know?

  • http://www.the2bears.com the2bears

    I’ve been using Akismet to filter spam on my blog… I think it’s been on since early last fall and has caught over 40,000 spam postings.

    What’s amazing is not that it’s catching them, but the volume of spam :(


  • John

    Derek=The Man

  • Zenith

    fuck farts!
    Angry Video Game Nerd is awesome, YEAH.

  • http://www.lexaloffle.com lexaloffle

    Eric said about 1 hour later:
    Change the file names of all the files in your site and alter the files to link to the new names and everything. This will confuse the spam bots and they will stop.

    I tried that with my old BBS. It was a right pain, and it didn’t stop the bots.. they would just parse the links and also pick up any additional hidden values I’d added in the form. Better just to use a good captcha I think.

  • Zootittles

    The pic from Tetsuo convinced me to post here.

  • Advenith

    So I was at this website with this FREE XBOX having sex with this EARN $$ FAST in the back of a van…

  • Derek

    Thanks, guys. I feel better now. :)