Death Village

By: Derek Yu

On: May 14th, 2007

Death Village

NIGORO (formerly GR3PROJECT), creators of La Mulana, continue their tradition of making really, really friggin’ hard games with Death Village, a decidedly smaller, more casual title that will nonetheless have you crying by the second level. At least, that’s where I started crying. But then again, I always cry when I play games. (And also when I touch myself!)

I’m not certain what the story is behind Death Village, but your goal in each level is to get a funny old man through a haunted house and to the exit door. You don’t have direct control over him, but by slamming doors and enabling a variety of traps and scary things, you can lead him over. The atmosphere is spot on, with creepy graphics and sound effects bringing the haunted houses to life and pushing you onward.

The learning curve is deadly high, however, so make sure you at least watch the Level 1 video to get a handle on how the traps work. I couldn’t beat level two, which, on the bottom floor, requires you to somehow jump a gap. So yeah, anyone have any ideas?

(Source: Tim W.)

  • haowan

    First time I tried this it didn’t load. This time, it loaded and I nearly beat level 2. After I quit, I discovered there was no way to get back to level two without beating level 1 again, so that’s it from me :)

    Nice game, could work on Wii well. Needs a better camera.

  • moi

    I have to say that these guys are very good for creating an atmosphere in their games, nowadays very few 2D games manage to have an atmosphere without falling in the sarcasm or lame second degree humour.

  • shadowy

    Good game, although as it was stated the learning curve is a bit too steep.

    I managed to finally figure out how to beat level 2 by making the guy so scared that he runs straight over the gap.

    I reached level 5 and that’s where i ran into problems. Timing perfection is definitely required.

  • Hunty

    shadowy already covered passing level 2, so I will just say that I gave up around level 4 or 5. I will come back to this game when the room editor is added.