By: Derek Yu

On: May 16th, 2007


Fraxy is awesome. That needs to be said first.

A boss fight shoot ’em up at its core, what makes Fraxy so great is the fact that the game comes with an easy-to-use editor that lets you make your own bosses to share with other Fraxy players!

Check out some user-made creations here, at the Fraxy wiki, or here, at the Something Awful forums.

(Source: Timmay)

Controls: By default, you control the game with the mouse (left mouse button to shoot and right mouse button to boost) and the arrow keys (for moving). Firing your weapon, boosting, and getting hit all drain your energy bar. Shift switches your weapon.

  • Underwhelmed

    my only gripe with this game is the lack of resolutions beyond 640. Having the view zoomed out a bit would mean you would have a better view of the boss you are fighting since many of the larger ones will spend a lot of time off screen. (a radar map allows you to track them though)

    Having said that though, this is an amazing little game.

  • FireSword

    Thanks Tim. Lol

  • Nikica

    Here GridWars 2:

  • motus

    sweet game, at first i hate the controls ( for about 3 seconds ) but they’re nice

  • a_insomniac

    Awesome game…the editor is pretty cool too.

  • Heavy Stylus

    This has a huge amount of potential, and the ability to create your own bosses and configure the game is just ace. I love the low rez graphics (which remind me of ChoRenSha 68K), but the current lack of dual analogue joypad support is a shame. If that’s sorted in a later build Fraxy could end up being even better than Warning Forever…

  • isador21

    That’s like the shweetest game I’ve ever found on this blog after Data’s Cortex Command and Aquaria !
    The boss editor is so user-friendly and the game itself is very easy to handle, much like a modern low-res arcade game.
    Sortof reminds me of Kenta Cho’s stuff.
    the effects are very well-drawn and the different boss parts all look good and have a use!
    If you don’t give this game a try, just remove TIGsource from your bookmarks, you don’t deserve to be here.

  • Garo

    This game got many updates overtime. You can really do stuff on it now.
    There’s also a separate forum dedicated to Fraxy, the Unofficial Fraxy Forum: