By: Tim

On: May 27th, 2007

New Bitmap Imag

Probably one of the best snake clones available. (correct me if I’m wrong about this)

  • Rz.

    oh man that’s addictive, but the fourth level is waaaaay too trippy.

  • Albert

    It’s interesting in that every level seems to require a different strategy. Sure, you can basically breeze through the first two, but after that you have to actually think about what you’re doing.

    It’s short. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, I’m done with it. On the other, I could be persuaded to play more. I’m assuming the dev is hoping it could follow in the footsteps of numerous other games of its ilk; maybe it’ll get noticed by a publisher and then it could be made into a FULL GAME. Or, maybe he just have wanted to prove he could make a game like this. Or both.

  • http://isadorblog.blogspot.com Isador21

    I’m definitly not correcting you on this.

  • Sergio

    What fourth level? WHAT FOURTH LEVEL?

  • Cycle

    Love the aesthetic, but the gameplay is pretty boring. Needed some level design, or atleast make eating stuff more interesting.

  • Splinter of Chaos

    Well I think it’s a pretty good game. I’ve been itching for a nice action game for some time now.

  • http://ithamore.blogspot.com/ ithamore

    Actually, there are 5 levels. After the 4 target number levels is a final score attack level.

    Also, there are other unlockables, but a mere translation of the readme.txt will reveal them.

    I find it interesting that back when the game was less than a month old, there were Japanese players (or maybe it was just one devote gamer, since I wasn’t paying much attention to the names back then) that were topping 200 and 300 kills. It was because of their fanaticism that the original rhacp had to be updated for the kills to exceed 256 and then 428.

    As for myself, I only reached a measly 162, and then I gave up. What is the point of a higher score if there is nothing else to unlock? After unlocking everything, it was too much like trying to beat the high score of an arcade addict who wants to get his initials at the top of as many machines as possible.

    After finishing the game, I wished there was a variety of more levels (and not just filler levels to make the game longer). But then I realized it was a non-commercial game and good enough for what it was. Although, I did have to spend my time on it, and my time is worth more than it used to be (my “free” time is becoming invaluable).

  • Rz.

    lucky you, free time is all i have and it’s worth a peso a minute. :(

  • GP Lackey

    Cool game, very good sense of flow and definitely something you can spend time improving at. The replay option is a great addition too.

    My current top score is 174.

    “What is the point of a higher score if there is nothing else to unlock?”

    Now that’s just silly. Would your time actually have been better spent if you were unlocking stuff and not just having fun?

  • http://www.armorstyle.com Sandcrab

    I actually think this is the best Snake I’ve played, the mouse controls and multiplayer especially make it stand out. Disregard the broken images, but the download link seems to be good.


  • Dill Drozer

    I tried playing it, but it ran really sluggish…. I don’t think that’s normal. Does this game run okay on Vista?

  • Melly

    The game is pretty sluggish for being so simple, but besides that everything works well (It was probably made in some form of canned game making program. But it’s free anyhow). The gameplay is an interesting twist to the usual snake gameplay that allows you to use some more strategy in beating levels and getting high-scores. It’s pretty fun, though the sluggishness might make it a bit easier than it should.