Those Dang Immortals

By: Lorne Whiting

On: June 4th, 2007

Rinkuhero, of our forums, and Immortal Defense fame, recently released a game, called Immortal Defense.
In it, you play as a guy warped into some weird ethereal world in which you make towers that blow shit up out of your emotions.


The game, thus making the game specifics obvious, is a “tower defense” game, on space crack. For those not in the know, the tower defense genre originates in some lame mainstream game modification, and is about keeping stupid enemies away from the exit of the level by building towers that shoot at the things within a limited radius.

Anyways, at the very least, nab the demo, because the only comparison I can think of for it is a really hot swinger nymphomaniac who has a very particular fetish (In this case, defending stuff with towers), but anyone’s willing to put up with it because of how hot they are.

  • BigBossSNK

    I think you meant “of Alphasix fame”. Either that, or you can now create a mental loop of posting a game and getting fame from it at the same time.
    Which would be cool.
    And silly.
    And cool.

  • Lorne T Whiting

    /me googles Alphasix
    Cool. Actually, I had no damned idea who Rinkuhero was, or what his accomplishments were besides making a hotfetishistwoman game.

  • Lorne T Whiting

    Raurgh. This website hates formatting of any kind, it would seem…

  • RinkuHero

    A more appropriate “fame” might be Missing, featured on this site back in August or September, which was made by my group RPGCreations. Anyway, thanks for the review, Lorne!

  • haowan

    Highly recommend this game.

  • TeeGee

    Same here. Great stuff. And great story.

  • Rz.

    warcraft 3 is not a lame mainstream game D:

  • Lorne T Whiting

    I’ll fuck your gay >:I…

    No, wait.

    My brother probably would.

  • RinkuHero

    TD actually originates from mods of Starcraft, not Warcraft3. Only there it was called turret defense, not tower defense.

  • Sam Jackson

    Demo was super, super fun but I can’t bear to buy it because I know I would be kissing my life goodbye. A deed done too well! :P