Rose and Camellia

By: Derek Yu

On: July 17th, 2007

rose and camelia

What can I say about Rose and Camellia other than that it’s a girl-slapping game from the creators of La Mulana!

The plot, according to the text below the game, is that the player girl is a commoner who marries into a noble family. One day after the marriage, her new husband breathes his last — but the pampered harpies running the House refuse to give this low-blood the honor that is her due. There is only one way to resolve the matter! (

I love how insanely creepy and awesome your opponents get as you get further. The general theme / atmosphere of this one is spot on.

  • toastie

    Beat her cheek!

  • ssfsx17

    I’m having trouble finding the “sweet spot” for the second opponent. It seems that aiming at her mouth isn’t quite enough.

  • Matt

    I sure hope they translate this…. Girl-slapping games just aren’t the same without a proper story.

  • Adam Atomic

    Damn, nigoro!

  • Calanctus

    Oh Adam, you card.

  • Eudaimon

    I can’t read Japanese, but I wonder if they were trying to make a game to play with a Wiimote? Because it seems like it’d work pretty well.

  • haowan

    The third level, you kind of have to do uppercuts. Not sure about the second… it’s a bit tricky. Fourth level I have no idea. I just beat her by force of will. Fifth level I just can’t beat :( YET

  • BeamSplashX

    Now I’m curious about the final boss. Perhaps it escalates until you must slap god to win.

  • Daniel

    The fifth level is SO HARD
    I love this game!

  • ssfsx17

    I figured out the trick to the second enemy – you have to go for the eyes/forehead. I didn’t have too many problems with the fourth. The main problem with the fifth is that your life will have been worn down from the previous battles.

  • Joseph

    I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now but could you make it so links open in a seperate window automatically? BTW awesome game

  • negative zero

    the 5th boss is a pain in the ass. it’s as if she can just hit you out of the blue. awesome idea though.

  • Melly

    This game wins at existence, just for being such an awesomely fresh concept, even i the execution is not toally perfect (still well done and fun, and you can actually develop some skill in beating the stuck-up high society bitches).

  • Melly

    if* totally*

    Damn typos.

  • junkboy

    This is the greatest game ever made.

  • oNyx

    >I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now
    >but could you make it so links open in a
    >seperate window automatically?

    The target attribute was removed from the specs. It’s up to the user where the link should be opened.

    Imagine there would be videos which could be only watched windows or songs which force you to use headphones. Pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?

    So, if you want to open some link in a new tab, use MMB (middle mouse button) or ctrl+click.

    If your browser doesn’t support that stuff, get a semi-recent one.

  • oNyx



  • Rad

    Fourth level works by hitting counters. Dodge the strike and then slap her back.