By: Derek Yu

On: August 2nd, 2007


Ninjah’s a nice game. I thought it was going to be your average “platform game with a grappling hook,” but there are some interesting elements to this one, not the least of which is the color-switching mechanic. Stepping on the checkered colored blocks switches your character to that color, whereupon every other color kills you on contact. The levels are designed around this mechanic, forcing you to perform some pretty crazy stunts that involve grappling, firing a gun, and slow-motion (these skills are enabled or disabled depending on the level).

There are fifty pretty tough levels and a level editor, so there’s plenty to keep you busy. Just be prepared to die like Wile E. Coyote.

  • Benzido

    I wonder if ninjas knew, back in the 16th century, how COOL they were.

  • CheeseburgerWithoutCheese

    considering that they were bred from COOL, I think yes.

  • fish

    samurais are cooler.
    all gay and badass and high on opium.

  • King-N

    <_< piratespwnninjas *runs*

  • Eudaimon

    Whoo, another ninja game. The concept’s alright, but the level design somehow seems kind of iffy to me. Some of the levels were more annoying than challenging.

    Of course, there’s a level editor included, so let’s see me do anything better, right?

  • makeshifter

    its just that the movement is way too fast i often find myself flying onto a platform only to realize that i over shot it. and the slowmo just never seems to come on fast enough.

  • Isador21

    *throws monitor off window*

  • Isador21

    I beat the effing game …

  • MedO


  • evildrbin

    “Annoying? THIS IS NINJAAAH!”

    hahaha :D I like that

    thanks for the review (and anyone else for the kind comments), I’m well chuffed!

  • skaldicpoet9

    Love it, excellent gameplay and a great challenge too…

  • raelz

    i hadn’t this feeling since i first played elastomania… this game rox ;-)

  • Monothu

    The game was good, but I would have preferred more puzzly type levels.

  • raelz

    you can make them yourself =)