Sexy Hiking is easy.

By: Derek Yu

On: September 20th, 2007

Why does everyone say this game is so frustrating and hard? It only took me two tries to get this clean of a run.

If you wanted to know how to beat this great game work of art game. (Bonus points for Oingo Boingo soundtrack.)

(Thanks, Alec!)

  • BigbossSNK

    The game’s difficulty stems from it’s use of a control mechanism you are originally unfamiliar with. Once you learn (from trial and error/ exploration) that you can use the hammer to walk, jump and hang on surfaces, it’s all just a matter of putting those new skills you’ve acquired to use. It’s just that not a lot of games propose new control mechanisms (like Umihara)

  • TakaM

    I couldn’t get past the third level, I kept messing up the moving L shaped platform and made it impossible to.. climb it.
    Sexy Hiking makes you really nervous when you’re climbing that wall in level 2, like I just couldn’t take it when I fell down the first time, as unpolished as SH is, not many games have given me a feeling that strong before.

  • Pigbuster

    Your guy can WALK?

    I was getting him around by using the hammer alone. Oopsie.

  • cactus

    Nice skills! I’m glad I quit playing, though. Looks like it’d be hard as hell for most. Would’ve taken me years to get through the third and fourth level…

  • BigBossSNK

    Actually, after being shown a video of using the hammer as a cane, a pogo stick and a hiker’s mallet, the audience experienced a 40% in-game ability increase within the first hour. Clinical trials are still pending on whether playing Jazzuo’s other games beforehand (nudge, nudge) plays a regulating role in one’s ability to beat SH.

  • wourme

    Fun Fact: This game’s title screen is a slightly (and amusingly) modified version of the title screen from one of his earlier games.