Click Drag Type 3

By: Terry

On: October 14th, 2007

Click Drag Type 3

About a week ago, a mysterious individual by the name of “MisterX” posted about this game in the comments for Launchball. Not only is a great idea for a puzzle game, but it’s been implemented really well.

Click Drag Type 3 is a rather nifty little flash puzzle game by Simple Andy. The player may click, drag, and type – from there, you’re on your own. Each puzzle is different from the last: the point of the game is to work out what the items in front of you do, and how to interact with them to solve the puzzle.

Having trouble? There’s a full walkthrough on Jay Is Games here.

Thanks, MisterX!

  • luffe

    this is too clever for me ):

  • gustav

    once you figure out the core mechanics you really get into it :o
    i love this! really fun and very imaginative and challenging.

  • gustav

    not to mention buggy and frustrating! puzzle 8 comes to mind.

  • Terry

    I can’t work out number 8 at all, even with the walkthrough. I’ve just been assuming that I was doing it wrong, though, heh.

  • MisterX

    *mysteriously sneaks in* Ha, told you! ;) CDT3 is really a worthwile game, I only found #8 to be rather frustrating, as it also didn’t seem to work out for me when I played it the first time. And as gustav mentioned there are some bugs which potentially make a puzzle impossible to solve. But I didn’t really have problems with these, just encountered them a few times.
    It’s just too bad the creator isn’t doing a “sequel” to it. As the name suggests this is already the third “Click Drag Type” game, including the puzzles of the previous 2 games.
    So long!
    *sneaks out again*

  • raelz

    Ok, definately gonna look at this sometimes, just played first three now and its lovely

  • Clark


  • Terry

    *Hush!* Look! It’s another appearance by the enigmatic “MisterX” :)

    Sorry. With a handle like that I assumed you were a sock puppet or something, heh. Well, thanks again for the link!

  • MisterX

    Hehe, well, the nick derived from a young me thinking “wow, MisterX sounds so cool!” ;) May be a “dumb” nick, but I suppose I’m stuck with it :D
    Actually I’m pretty much a TIGSource regular since I found out about this great site :)

    As I posted previously also Armor Cube is a great little game:
    But I suppose TIGSource is rather ment for “real” indie games instead of casual coffee break games :D

  • wormguy

    This game is making feel stupid.

  • Karzon

    3? Where’s 1 and 2?

  • Karzon

    Bleh. I shouldn’t post before the game finishes loading.

  • renkin

    Nice little game. I like the concept. Many of the puzzles are more frustrating than challenging, though. When you know exactly what to do, it just takes a lot of time to make it happen.