Gamma Games Announced!

By: ARelativelyHotGirl

On: November 28th, 2007

In case you missed it, the Gamma 256 selection has been announced here!

Doomed Planet
Nick Sheets (link)

Trevor Wilson (link)

Dodge Club
James Montagna

Bloody Zombies
Petri Purho (link)

Mr Heart Loves You Very Much
Jimmy Andrews (link)

Alec Holowka (YouTube)

Mark Johns (the creator of Space Barnacle)

Jason Rohrer (link)

  • Nick Sheets

    Woo, so exciting. I’ve played Dive and Bloody Zombies, and they’re both totally great! This lineup rocks.

  • Ben

    Where do I play these?

  • Stwelin

    At the Montreal games summit. ;)

  • Phasma Felis

    …Aaaand there goes the video.

    Is there another copy somewhere?

  • Redhades

    Just came back from Gamma 256. I played lots of wierd games and can’t even remember their names. Good times though.
    I wanted to talk to the developers, but they did identify themselves. They must have been hidden in the crowd somewhere.
    That guitar band was pretty lame.

  • BeamSplashX

    Mark Johns. What a catchy name. He should put “by Mark Johns” at the end of all of his games to make them all catchy-sounding.

    The Dungeon Game… BY MARK JOHNS!

  • Mark Johns presents….

    Mark Johns’ American McGee’s Alice

    by Mark Johns

  • fish

    hot damn!
    this was crazy!
    thanks to all who came.
    especially those who came from far and wide.

    this was one of the best night ever.
    marc, brandon, guert, ivan, steve, ben, bubblyfish, tristan, anamanaguchi and all the game creators: thanks lots.

    stay tuned for the next one.

  • Eden

    did Brandon give you a hug on behalf of jenova?

  • Phasma Felis

    “Clive Barker’s Clive Barker’s Jericho by Clive Barker” by Mark Johns

  • Golds

    mark with a K, phil ; ).

    it was an absolutely amazing event! 4 out of the 8 games came from TIGS people.

    ivan has some great photos for flickr, and I’m going to make a post on my blog for standard bits as soon as i can.

  • BMcC

    @Eden: Oh, I gave him more than that. ;)

    Yeah, Gamma was mind-blowing. And then an owl attacked us. I’m going to do a real nice writeup as soon as I’m back and settled, featuring photos from Ivan, the Official TIGSource Photographer for the evening.