Atomic Cannon

By: Derek Yu

On: December 16th, 2007

Atomic Cannon

Man, I am a huge fan of Wendell Hicken’s classic tank game, Scorched Earth (which you can download here). I’m waiting for a true remake/sequel of this game that isn’t in 3d (nothing against 3d, mind, you, it’s just not the same). Something akin to what Pac-Man Championship Edition did for Pac-Man.

In the meantime, Atomic Cannon will satisfy. It’s definitely missing some of the spirit that made the original game so great, but injects some of its own. I miss my Funky Bombs, MIRVs, and Mag Shields, but the ability to build sandbags, drop automated sentries, and use any of the other new weapons definitely makes up for it. The added customization, various game modes (including network play), and much-improved controls (mouse and/or keyboard) are welcome sights, as well.

The graphics are kind of a hit-or-miss for me. It’s a mish-mash of realistic textures that are obviously lacking the kind of thought put into, say, Cortex Command‘s terrain design. On the other hand, I really like the smoke trails, visual distortion, and other special effects that they used – stuff that wasn’t possible when Scorch came out.

As you can see, I’m of two minds about this game… mostly because I have this idea about what the perfect Scorch sequel would be (I’m sure that’s familiar to a lot of you), and this isn’t it. But the bottom line is that this version is pretty darn fun… fun enough that I might just treat myself to the full game ($20)!


  • Javet

    Also, on FGOTD, I posted 2 other great tank games, Atomic Tanks and Scorched 3D. Check them out. Both Scorched Earth Clones

  • anon

    wtf? this game has been out since i was a little kid

  • BenH

    So far Pocket Tanks is my favourite scorched-earth style game. I’ve yet to find one as fun as that.

  • Si

    Pocket Tanks is still the better game, yep.

  • Dan MacDonald

    yeah, I’ll second Ptanks as teh leet.

  • Karzon

    I just came in to mention Pocket Tanks, but I was obviously beaten to it.

  • raigan

    warheads is the only more-modern scorched earth i ever liked as much as the original, lots of interesting weapons/etc.

  • Al King

    Pocket tanks? Bah! Bang! Bang! all the way :P

  • goldbuick

    Don’t forget
    It’s a great scored earth clone with net multiplayer :)

  • Obscuritan

    ah, raigan, i remember Warheads. I have it on a disc somewhere. That was such a great extension of the classic scorched earth formula.

    I can’t remember any 3d SE clones that actually did any good. Worms 3d was piss-poor, if i recall. It’s really not the kind of game that translates well into 3d. I’d like to see a Scorched Earth 2, or something similar.

    Oh, this reminds me of that hidden mini-game in Tyrian, DESTRUCTION. that was great.

  • Stij

    Worms 3D was a huge disappointment. The sequel was a bit better but it still doesn’t measure up to the original 2D games.

    That being said, I’m a huge fan of Scorched-Earth-style games, so I’ll definately give this a try.

  • Javet

    Atomic Tanks is a great 2D clone.
    Scorched 3D is an even better 3D clone!

    Both multiplayer!

  • CodGod

    Scorched Earth? Bah!

    I played the original Tank Wars back in the day, and nothing compares to it.

    Although I will grant you Pocket Tanks is indeed pretty good. If you’re into that sort of thing.